5 Wedding Theme Ideas That Will Make Your Special Day Unforgettable

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Tying the knot soon with your better half and still in the midst of looking for a general concept for your wedding? Our advice to you is that you should have a specific vision for your nuptial in order to make your planning easier. With so many inspirations online, you might be overwhelmed with the theme you would want for your wedding. Coming up with a concept for your wedding might be easier in helping you pull together your decorations, flowers, invitations, color palette etc. We have scouted the portfolios of our professionals and we share with you some of the hottest trending wedding themes, along with the stunning photos from the event-of-a-lifetime. Scroll along and be inspired!                                          

1. Beach Theme

In this tropical place like Singapore, the abundance of sunlight and warmth embraces us every day. Imagine getting married with the ocean breeze flowing through your hair while you hold the hand of your better half on the white pearly beaches. During sunset, the sky is going to be filled with the romantic hue, oh, imagine exchanging vows with such a scenic backdrop. With the beach theme, you are able to incorporate the color palettes of Mother Nature – yellow, orange, green and blue, for your wedding. Having your wedding by the sea calls for summery cocktails like tequila and mojitos for your guests. Your guests are sure to love it as these cocktails perks them up and keep the sweltering temperature at bay. Cheers to a happily ever after!

Image Credit: Tanjong Beach Club

2. Rustic Chic Theme

One of the most popular and trending wedding themes for the past couple of years, the Rustic Chic wedding theme is definitely showing no sign of slow down even in 2017. The Rustic Chic theme could be recreated anywhere as long as you have a tinge of natural landscape, use wood and you incorporate decoration pieces that look like they would be found in the garden or at your home. Whether it is to keep the color palette of your wedding to earthy tones or to make it more Bohemian, you would definitely love this wedding theme as much as your guests do.
Image Credit: 39 East Photography
Image Credit: Antelope Studios
Image Credit: Tinydot Photography

3. Vintage Retro Theme

Declare your love for the golden oldies with a vintage themed wedding. With your wedding, you are able to take a trip down the memory lane with the vintage items displayed. In order to make your wedding more meaningful, you could use antique keepsakes inherited from you family in your wedding décor. Typewriters, classic Coke bottle, Vinyl players or even the Volkswagen Beetle, these are going to bling up your wedding making it full of nostalgia. If you are going the vintage route, colors such as ivory, rose and gold are pretty colors of your choices. Old is gold they say, and we guarantee this theme will never go out of style.
Image Credit: Andri Tei Photography
Image Credit: Antelope Studios

4. Classic Romance Theme

Some people find this classic theme staid but trust us, with the correct décor and planning, your wedding with the classic romance theme will still be as elegant and timeless as ever. Starting from the wedding gown, you could be donned in a ball-gown dress that will reflect the elegance and regalness of your wedding. You should also make full use of the floral designs for this theme. Get your flowers lined in the aisles, hung or even displayed on the wedding banquet tables. A tinge of luxury could be added with hint of sparkles or even the lighting of the wedding venue. This theme is still here to stay because your wedding is still going to be timeless as ever even in 10 years down the road.

Image Credit: Multifolds

Image Credit: Andri Tei Photography

Image Credit: 39 East Photography

5. Garden Wedding Theme

Inspired by the Pantone colour palette of 2017 and we would say the garden wedding theme is the way to go! In Singapore where there are an abundance of greeneries and flattering natural sunlight complemented with the floral and fauna, you are able to have your ideal garden themed wedding. You could opt for an intimate tea party setting or even an opulent garden wedding with the romantic gazebo surrounded with floral arrangements or set behind a flower arch. Doesn’t like it outdoor? No worries because you could even create your own garden themed wedding indoors with the beautiful foliage or creative paper flowers décor.

Image Credit: Andri Tei Photography
Image Credit: Antelope Studios
Image Credit: Tinydot Photography

At the end of the day, you are the one that will decide how you are going to make your wedding a special one for you and your loved ones. Be it the extravagant or intimate wedding you are planning to have, we are sure you are going to find one theme that suits the both of you the best. For more inspiration check out the Hitcheed app, where all things bridal are conveniently accessible in one place. Download now to view vendor profiles, rate cards and have access to message our professionals directly on App Store and Google Play

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