8 Different Photography Styles Every Wedding Couple Should Know

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They say a camera is a save button for the mind’s eye and the photographer is the witness. Photography is definitely an important aspect of every wedding. We go through the moment of a lifetime on our big day just once and the only way to relive these memories is by capturing them through a lens. 

After you have found your wedding photographer, you will need to decide on the photography style(s) you would want for your wedding day. We are going to show you eight different wedding photography styles that exist. Take your time to decide which style would suit you the best and remember to include your photographer in the discussion! 

1. Digital 

The first question you will need to ask yourself is whether to go with film, digital or a mixture of both. In today’s technology, digital is the most common way of shooting.

Digital photography is ideal for when you need instant photos - it is quick, simple and easy. It is especially useful for photos that will be displayed on digital platforms such as Instagram or Facebook for guest to view on the same day. Digital photography can be processed just days after your wedding and the shots can be adjusted accordingly.

Digital cameras have revolutionized photography as they are able to shoot in low light circumstances. This is a perk for outdoor weddings where you might be faced with varied lighting. Giving your photographers more freedom to play around with lighting options and angles.

All mentioned characteristics, make digital photography an ideal option if you are looking at pushing creative boundaries without the constraints of film. Just smile and snap your way through on your big day! 

Photographer: Leslie Photography

Photographer: oneeyeclick

2. Film

Some may say that film photography is “outdated”. Yes, film requires more time and money in terms of processing and editing. So why choose film when digital cameras are so advanced?With a skilled film photographer, shooting in film allows a better understanding of exposure, motion and light. Film photography allows the photographer to have greater control over the background and composition of a photo and how light falls on an object or subject.

You can expect your wedding day photos to possess greater depth. Plus, your images will come with an added nostalgic effect - a characteristic common of film photography. 

Photographer: thegaleria

3. Classic

Once you have decided which side of the fence you are on in terms of the film versus digital debate, you can start deciding on the style you'd wish to style your shoots after.

Have you ever flipped through old photo albums of your parents or grandparents and seen the style of the photos? We're talking about the ones with timeless, formal poses. This style of photography will never go out of style and will always remain stunning to look at.

Albeit, obviously styled and posed - classic shoots do the job (and they do it well). Not to mention, taking the pictures can be a whole lot of fun. Think of it as your wedding day "OOTDs"! You get to show off your stunning outfits and the love of your life. 

Photographer: Antelope StudiosPhotographer: Acapella Photography 

4. Photojournalism 

This style of photography is still relatively new to the wedding photography scene and has only become increasingly popular in the recent years. It is characterised by the natural approach of the photographer where he or she follows the couple and guests through the day while capturing the events during the wedding in an unobtrusive manner.

As the name implies, it is used by photojournalist and it showcases photographs that you might see in a newspaper or magazine. Photojournalism captures the natural flow of the wedding to give couples pure documentary coverage of their wedding, capturing the action as it happens. If you find posing for photos forced and something you're uncomfortable with, then this wedding photography style is perfect for you! 

Photographer: Natalie Wong Photography

Photographer: Androids In Boots

5. Lifestyle

While similar to photojournalism, lifestyle photography is essentially photojournalism redefined. As with photojournalism, it is totally candid but done with a touch of direction and styling.

Photographers will look for moments during the wedding but also set the scene to give it an artistic twist. Lifestyle photographers help to create opportunities to generate spontaneous reactions for his or her photos.

Strike a balance between authentic and staged photographs, you'll be happy that you get to walk away with the best of both worlds! 

Photographer: Natalie Wong Photography

6. Modern Traditional

Looking for some classic, styled shots without the risk of being tacky? Modern Traditional photography gives your wedding photo an upgrade. The emphasis in this style of photography is on portraits.

Images shot in the modern traditional style are clean and professional. Your photographer puts an emphasis on capturing special moments and creating something of a story through your images. 

Think classic but less stiff - you and your bae will be free to be yourselves. This makes for more natural looking images where your personality is allowed to show through!

Photographer: Click! Photography

7. Dramatic

Dramatic wedding photography is nothing short of being epic! Think dramatic backdrops and impeccable lighting! These are images that have a certain level intensity not commonly seen in other photography styles.

You're going for dramatic and editorial styled images. Hey, it is your big day - you're allowed to be a little dramatic. 

Remember communication is key! Speak to your photographer and see if this is something they can achieve. Opt for this style if you are looking for something that looks like it is right out of a storybook!

Photographer: Acapella Photography

8. Artistic

Are you someone who prefers to standout? Have you always found yourself doing things a little differently from everyone else? If you have, an artistic photoshoot might be what you're searching for. 

Explain to your photograph that you want to steer very clear of standard wedding type portraits and poses and that you'd like to have some fun. Let them know that you want them to experiment and play with lighting, shadows and shapes.

At the end of the day, an artistic photo can be both your wedding photo and a standalone piece of art for your new home!

Photographer: Andri Tei Photography 

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