Stunning Wedding Bouquet Ideas According to Your Wedding Budget

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A stunning wedding bouquet for the stunning lady in white, the bride’s bouquet is without a doubt the best Big Day accessory for the bride. A perfect wedding bouquet is able to complement the wedding’s theme, color palette and even the bride’s overall look. It accentuates the wedding in the most flattering way hence your bouquet is definitely one of the MVP of your wedding decisions. As simple as it may seem, a flower bouquet is more than just a bunch of flowers tied together for you to hold onto for your wedding day.

However, one could hit up the search bar and realize how expensive wedding bouquets are. Today, we are sharing with you a list of bouquet ideas according to your wedding budget. Whether you are going to splurge on your favorite flowers or prefer not to break the bank, we are sure you can find your ideal wedding bouquet. Scroll ahead and be inspired!

Understated Elegance

1. Flora Woods

Image Credit: Flora Woods

Hand-tied bouquet is a very popular choice for Brides today. If you are looking for something simple to hold on your wedding day, the bouquet combination with Baby’s Breath, Craspedia Billy Balls is perfect for you. Floral Woods’ bridal bouquets are simple but they are expert in picking one main color, be it pink or white, to create a bouquet from its hues. With green as its varying tones, a bouquet with depth is created. This understated piece of art does not distract others from your dress or wedding decor, definitely fitting your wedding day look to a T. Needless to say, with an attractive price, these simple yet stunning bouquets might be perfect for you on your big day.

2. Charlotte Puxley

Image Credit: Charlotte Puxley

Having worked with flowers in London for many years, Charlotte Puxley’s bouquets reflect the English countryside, with a tinge of adaption to the tropics now that they are in this sunny island. So bold and wild, Charlotte Puxley’s bridal bouquets are elegant in an unruly way.

For the instant “wow” factor, Charlotte Puxley’s bouquets often have unexpected elements mixed with the beautiful arrangement of colors, texture and form. With a dramatic color palette, the bouquets definitely make you feel like you are in the verdant British countryside. Charlotte Puxley’s bouquets are sure to give you a multifaceted look when you pair them up with a simple wedding dress. The striking colors of the bouquets caught our eyes and they will definitely catch those of your prestige guests.

Lush Dainty Blooms

3. Meadows & Clouds

Image Credit: Meadows & Clouds

Meadows & Clouds -- With the grass so lush and springy, the clouds so fluffy against the unending, brochure-blue sky, wild flowers grow on the endless green field. If that is what Meadows & Clouds is about, you are definitely in for your ideal dreamy bouquet for the day your fairytale comes true.

This bouquet designed by Meadows & Clouds along the color palettes of orange, red and blush captivated us. A bouquet centered around a South African protea, bouquet like this is one of our favorite trends of the moment. Taking the center stage, the South African protea is wrapped to create a wild flower like effect. Unique bouquet arrangement like this exudes a bohemian vibe for a bride who is looking for something special.

4. 85 Flowers

Image Credit: 85 Flowers

As much as we adore the alluring fragility and charming versatility of the dainty blooms and how they are able to dress up any occasion and venue to precision, you could give your bridal bouquet another take by exploring other bouquet styles. 85 Flowers takes bridal bouquet to another level with their paper and fruit bouquet. Do away with expensive fresh flowers that will wither in days to come and opt for these bouquets created with the prettiest paper blooms and fresh fruits. If you are considering something out of the box, holding these paper flowers or fruit bouquets will definitely have heads turning on your big day.

5. Fern & Foli

Image Credit: Fern & Foli 

A classic purple shade with a mixture of white roses and shrubs for a little greenery, the bouquet done by Fern & Foli is a bouquet perfect for the chic rustic wedding. For a bohemian-chic twist, succulents are also added to create an eclectic mix of focal and accent blooms. The luscious succulents together with the tones of burgundy, blush and pink add texture and complement the free-spirited bohemian bride. Today, succulents are becoming more and more popular in bridal arrangements as they are loved for its versatility and year-round availability. These stunning succulents are in to round out your floral look, just like the cherry on top.

6. Windflower Florist

Image Credit: Windflower Florist Pte Ltd

Peonies are everyone’s favorites for weddings because the flower symbolizes romance and prosperity. This lush and feathery flower is usually the prime flower in floral arrangements. With bold red and pink peonies as the star of this bouquet, there is nothing that looks more grand and elegant than this. Windflower Florists also added touches of greenery for a fresh and unexpected vibe. With its lush, ruffly petals, peonies are the embodiment of softness and classic romance, it is no wonder they are the “King of Flowers” and everyone’s all-time-favorite.

Alluring Extravagance

7. Ever & Blue Floral Design

Image Credit: Ever & Blue Floral Design

Orchids are unique choices for wedding bouquets and they can stand on their own or add texture to a simple floral arrangement. Coming in different shapes and colors, it could definitely be the choice of flower for your bespoke bridal bouquet. As a symbol of refinement and purity, bouquets with orchids are without a doubt your choice for wedding. The best thing is that Orchids could stand alone and still look impressive as your bridal bouquet, definitely making a bold and strong statement on your big day.

8. Petite Petale

Image Credit: Petite Pétale

These hand-tied bouquets from Petite Petale are some of our favourites. With the pastel shades of orange and fuchsia, the different bouquets are customized for different wedding theme. The pastel orange and cream bouquet showcases a pop of colors for the bright and loud brides whereas the pastel fuchsia one that is topped with baby’s breath is made for the dainty brides. If you are someone who loves to keep things simple and traditional, these timeless bouquets from Petite Petale are definitely for you.

9. Fleur Boutique

Image Credit: Fleurs Boutique

As mentioned, many brides are opting for bridal bouquets of brighter colors. These pop of colors are a mood lifter for your big day. Unlike the classic bridal bouquets with rounded shape, many brides are choosing a flower bouquet that are loosely organized like the ones done by Fleurs Boutique. The refreshing style will definitely suit your bohemian-themed wedding or a simple wedding dress. The stunning bouquets with unique flowers used like the South African Protea will definitely give your wedding a boost of style.

10. Fern Studio 75

Image Credit: Fern Studio75

If you are thinking of making a bold statement on your big day, this rainbow bridal bouquet is definitely your perfect choice. The bouquet from Fern Studio 75 is here to make a splash of colors with this unique arrangement. Make yourself immerse into the whimsical world of fairytale and wonders as you stride down the aisle with this bouquet in your hands. This is definitely a show-stopping piece that can make the simplest of all wedding gowns appear grand.

With all the stylish and breathtaking bridal bouquet inspiration we’ve shared, we hope you are inspired and ready to find the perfect bouquet for your perfect day. For Hitcheed's full list of bouquets and corsages for your wedding floral needs, check out Hitcheed's full list of florists.

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