Table Setting Dilemma: Classic Long OR Traditional Round?

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When it comes to planning a sit down wedding, choosing between long or round tables when it comes to your seating plan can be a real headache. Which layout works best? Fortunately there are no wrong answers when it comes to deciding, but there are several factors to take into consideration. 

The three things to consider when you’re locking in your seating chart are numbers (how many guests will you have), venue capacity (what can your venue work with), and overall ambience (how do you want your venue to look and feel). Read on for top tips and visual inspiration to help you decide the best fit for you.

Round Tables

Round tables are a classic choice so if you’re after a timeless and elegant look, favouring round tables could be the way to go. They work well with a multitude of centerpieces, allow more room for styling pieces and ample space for table settings - if you’re thinking of personalising your linens it’s much easier to source various sizes for round tables. If styling is a big factor you might want to consider this option.

They work well when it comes to guest communication. With the distance and positioning between guests being compact it’s easy for everyone on one table to interact, It’s also not difficult to manoeuvre and mingle around the space, from one table to another, for the bride, groom, and guests to interact with each other. 

They also work well in venues that may have an unconventional space, and are more flexible if you need to work around a pillared ballroom. However, they seat less people and don’t have the benefit of being able to sit flush against walls or corners to make the most of the space available. If you have an extensive guest list, or your venue is on the smaller side, you may want to try a series of long tables instead.

Capella Singapore [Round]

Capella is a unique circular space that is accentuated by having round tables, the cohesion of shapes creates a welcoming atmosphere in the vast space. It sits hundreds of guests and still has ample space for them to interact freely.
Image credit: Spellbound Group Pte Ltd

Image credit: Fabulation Pte Ltd

Capella Singapore [Long]

Image credit: Capella Singapore

Amara Singapore [Round]

This table setting at Amara Singapore shows how the large round tables allow for elaborate styling and table settings for a show stopping table design.

Image credit: Amara Singapore

Amara Singapore [Long]

Image credit: Amara Singapore

Long Tables

Long tables are a great option for small spaces and our often chosen for aesthetic reasons as they can create striking symmetry that can look very regal. There may not be as much space for styling if your tables are narrow, but there are a variety of options from table runners, garlands and floral installations, that can make your space look sophisticated and on-trend. Though long tables work well in small spaces and outside they’re not as flexible as round tables when it comes to unconventional room shapes. or spaces that may have fixed objects or pillars. It’s best to choose a venue that has an unobstructed space to make the most of what this table choice has to offer.

From a guests perspective you’re able to converse easily with the four guests surrounding you, but this seating style can be seen as less sociable as it’s being difficult to engage with others further down the table, and it’s less convenient to mingle and move around the space as a whole. Long tables create a communal and relaxed atmosphere, so if you’re after an intimate ambiance this might be the choice for you. You can opt to sit amongst your friends and family for a casual feel, or decide to have a separate long bridal table for a more elegant option.

Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore [Long]

In Oasia Downtown you can see how using long tables has utilised the room, allowing for more guests to be seated in the narrow space.
Image credit: Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore

Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore [Round]

Image credit: Oasia Hotel Downtown, Singapore

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa [Long]

Image credit: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa [Round]

Image credit: Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa

Chijmes [Long]

Chijmes is a great example of the regal atmosphere long tables can create. In the narrow space the two lines of tables, running alongside grand arches and chandeliers, draws your eye to the bridal table.

Image credit: Inside The Knot

Chijmes [Round]

Image credit: Watabe Singapore Pte Ltd

Best of Both Worlds

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

Why not have the best of both worlds and utilise the two options. This table setup at the Shangri La designates one long table for the bridal team and seats the remaining guests on rounds. Perfect If your wedding party is big, as the long table allows you all to sit comfortably together

Image credit: Inside The Knot

The White Rabbit

With both you can make the most of what your venue has to offer. For example, If your space as fixed circular booths like White Rabbit, sit some guests there and run a long table down the aisle for the rest. It utilises all the available space and creates an informal, cosy atmosphere.

Image credit: Inside the knot   

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Or why not mix it up and have a combination of tables to fit the space. Review your guest list and see who you want to group together, sit your sizable groups on long tables and smaller on rounds to suit.

Image credit: The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

Ultimately you need to look at the benefit of both options; consider your venue space, guest numbers and ideal ambience. What tables will work best in your venue and for your amount of guests? What tables suit your desired look and feel? Whatever you decide you can’t go wrong, we hope this has helped find the right seating plan for you.

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