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Looking for bridal inspiration online and in wedding forums but getting confused with all the acronyms they're using? Here are the most frequently used acronyms you'll definitely come across in your research.

Your Wedding Party


This is short for Bride to Be, aka all the brides out there, while DH/HB/FH/HTB are short for Dear Husband, Husband, Future Husband and Husband to Be, i.e., your groom.

Benjamin & Yvonne's wedding, by Andri Tei Photography

2) MOH, BM & GM

Nope, it doesn't refer to the Ministry of Health, but rather your Maid of Honour (or if you prefer, Matron of Honour if your best friend/sister is already married), who will most likely be running a ton of errands for you, listening to you confide in her about all your wedding planning woes. BM and GM (bridesmaids are groomsmen) are super important people--your bridesmaids and groomsmen who will help you through the wedding planning process, and most importantly, on the actual day when you'll be too busy to handle anything on your own. 

Alvin & Zoe Raymond's wedding, by Multifolds


These refer to your future in-laws, your mother, sister, father and brother-in-laws. 

Darren & Samantha's wedding, by Antelope Studios

Jian Xiang & Fiona's wedding by Chris Chang Photography

Other Important People

4) JP

The Justice of Peace--this will include all licensed solemnisers such as Justices of the Peace, those from the Ministry of Social and Family Development, partners of FamilyMatters@Work, as well as religious leaders from Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism and Bahái'i Faith. This person is the one who will marry you as a couple in a religious or civil ceremony. Check out the list of licenced solemnisers here. You'll need to get your solemniser to sign the consent form and this must be brought to the ROM (see below) as one of the documents for verification. 

Benjamin & Yvonne's wedding, by Andri Tei Photography

Kenny & Geraldine's wedding, by Andri Tei Photography

Darren & Samantha's wedding, by Antelope Studios

Alvin & Zoe Raymond's wedding, by Multifolds

5) MUA

She makes you look beautiful on the actual day--your makeup artist, who will generally also style your hair for your wedding. Her rates will vary, and may include false lashes, ampoules (to help the makeup stay on throughout the day) , and includes a free makeup trial and hairdo beforehand. This may or may not be included in your BS package. 

Patrick & Cindy's Wedding by Knottin' Visuals

Derik & Sze Li's Wedding by Knottin' Visuals

Justin & Jamie's Wedding by thegaleria
Daniel & Yumiko's Wedding by thegaleria

6) PG/VG

These are not ratings for shows, but rather your photographer and videographer, who will be doing your pre-wedding shoots and actual day photos and videos. They work tirelessly to ensure you get the perfect shot, and sometimes go to great lengths to ensure they do. Tip: make sure they're fed on your wedding day! 

Photo Credits: Queena Wedding

Photo credits: Arlene Photography

Wedding Day Essentials

7) BS, MTM & OTR

"BS" is not a term for cow manure, but refers to your bridal studio. If you go this route, what should be included in your package are the following: Wedding Gowns (WG) and Evening Gowns (EG), as well as one for the tea ceremony, two suits for your groom, pre-wedding photography either locally or overseas, albums and photo frames for these pictures, makeup artist, your bouquet, car decorations, and outfits for your bridal party and parents as well. 

The acronym MTM has nothing to do with the similar-sounding MLM, but refers to a made-to-measure dress, where you can custom-make it to suit your whims and fancies. This is usually a pricier option, while off-the-Rack dresses (OTR) mean you can select any dress from the existing range of dresses usually hung in the bridal boutiques. Alterations can be made to fit your figure, and if necessary, some slight customisations (like adding more lace flowers to an exposed back)--just be sure to check if there are any additional charges involved. 

Gowns by La Belle Couture

8) AD

The actual day or your wedding day. You'll usually see this a lot when looking for your actual day photographers or videographers. 

Yexiang & Gwen's wedding, by aMusephotographer

9) PS

This refers to a Photo Shoot, which can be held prior to your wedding (pre-wedding photo shoot or pre-wed), but might also be used for the actual day pictures with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Louis & Jasmine's Wedding, by aMusephotographer

10) ROM

This actually refers to the Registry of Marriages, but is used in local vernacular to have the same meaning as "Have you gotten legally married yet?" Couples may choose to do a simple ROM ceremony either at the actual venue itself (at Fort Canning), or in other locations around Singapore, or combine this with the wedding lunch or dinner. You can book the ROM date three months before your wedding date (so if you're getting married on 31 December, you'd only be able to choose this date on 1 October) and the fee for a marriage licence is $42.50.

Daniel & Singhui's Wedding, by Androidsinboots

11) STD

No, it's not what you think. It's Save-The-Dates, a way to let your guests know your wedding date so they can plan to attend accordingly. This should include details like the date, time, whether it's a wedding lunch or dinner, and if you're having a solemnisation before the lunch or dinner, as well as the venue. Send these out (either via an email, WhatsApp or in printed form) at least four months before your wedding. 

Photo Credit: CardnCart

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