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Weddings are knowns as happy, joyous occasions filled with love and fun customs. For most, the pure white wedding gown is the quintessential traditional wedding feature, but for others an attire that represents their cultural or religious traditions is the way to go. Read on for some striking looks that show how culture and heritage can influence your wedding style.


Starting with the boys, a military wedding is a stunning spectacle that showcases grand sword ceremonies and a sharp-looking uniform. They’re an exclusive ceremony that celebrates decades of traditions and an abundance of patriotic spirit, from the Arch of Swords ending in a declaration of love, to the ceremonial uniforms, this ceremony shares the spotlight with the groom to honour both spouse and country.

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Centering around the theme of good luck and happiness, traditional Chinese wedding attire stands out from the neutral whites of the western wedding. Celebrating rich colours of red and gold, the traditional Chinese dress consists of a heavily embellished, one piece gown called Qipao, or for Southern brides, a two-piece dress called QunKwa, equally as embellished and just as elegant.

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Though every cultural group treasures its own wedding customs, no wedding is traditionally longer or grander than that of the Peranakans. Though some peranakan celebrations have been toned down from the original 12 day affair, the ornant beauty of Baba and Nyonya heritage is still infused in modern day weddings, with brides wearing Sarong Kebayas in vibrant shades, and lavish jewelry, offering an elegant look that leaves a lasting impression.

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Malay Tradition

Malay weddings are often regal affairs of musicians and century old traditions. Malay brides typically wear an embroidered, long sleeve blouse over a matching sarong known as Baju Karung, often coordinated to the grooms Baju Melayu or western suit; her hands elaborately decorated in henna - a stunning tradition that signifies fertility and love.

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Short Skirt

Though full length gowns have long been the ultimate tradition for a white wedding, another dress style is pushing for the limelight in the form of a much shorter hemline. These short style wedding dresses are fun and easy to wear, making for an effortless bride that can let loose. It’s a refreshing and simple tweak on a conventional tradition and we’re all for breaking conventions.

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