Urban Cityscape VS Rural Countryside: Pre-wedding Photos Battle!

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It can be hard to decide on the perfect spot for your pre-wedding photos, especially with the abundance of beautiful places both locally and abroad. It’s even harder to decide whether to choose between an urban setting or something more rural, so It’s important that the location you do decide on reflects you as a couple, your style and personality. Whether it’s rolling hills or city-scapes, choose a spot that resonates with you or a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Read on for 9 beautiful locations and the scenery they have to offer. Urban or Rural? You decide.

1. Australia

It’s no surprise that Australia has natural beauty in abundance, from the coastal towns of Perth to the scorched red earth of Uluru, so if you want dramatic landscapes you’ll be hard pushed to find a better array of mountains, rainforests and sea-side scapes this close to your doorstep.

If you resonate with grit and grime over sand and stone there’s plenty of that to go around too, from the Victorian architecture to the infamous graffiti laneways of Melbourne, to the modern curves of the sydney opera house, there are plenty of unique backdrops to showcase your love in both urban and rural Australia.

Busselton, Western Australia, is a quaint destination favouring farmlands and coastal cliffs, take your photos once the sun sets to make the most of the rural night sky.


Image credit: Lightcraft Creative Collection 

Melbourne is perfect for an urban shoot. Utilise all that the city and Flinders Lane have to offer with it’s trams, gothic architecture, the modernity of Federation Square, and of course the infamous graffiti walls of Hosier Lane.


Image credit: Douglas Fun Photography

2. Austria

Austria, famous for its castles, palaces, and rugged alpine terrain, and let’s not forget the heart warming family favourite ‘The Sound of Music’. Austria is home to Hallstatt, one of the oldest villages in Europe which lends itself to stunning architecture such as it’s 16th century Alpine houses and it’s infamous Admont Abbey library. Austrian national parks also offer a huge variety of exquisite forest and mountainous scenery -  a country that offers stunning options for both urban and rural shoots. I’ve heard the chocolate isn’t half bad either.

Visit Austria’s national parks during Autumn and make use of the rich fall colours and epic mountainous landscape.


Image credit: Chris Chang Photography

The lakeside village of Hallstatt, with its grand monastery library, stunning Baroque architecture and cookiecutter alpine streets gives a quaint spin on an urban landscape.


Image credit: Acapella Photography

3. France

When we think of France we think of Paris, when we think of Paris, we think of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame - it is jam packed with opulent architecture both modern and baroque. It is the quintessential backdrop for a romantic city getaway and pre-wedding shoot.

If you’ve settled on France but are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle, take a look at Provence in the southeastern part of France, it offers a diverse selection of landscapes from the infamous beaches of the French Riviera, to the lavender fields of Valensole. There’s also an abundance of olive groves, forests and vineyards, so you really are spoilt for choice.

The variety of rural scenery in Provence has a lot to offer, from pebble beaches on the French Riviera to quaint country lanes.


Image credit: Acapella Photography 

Head to Paris for the modern symmetry of the Louvre pyramids against its original buildings, or stand out from the crowd at one of the art nouveau metro stations.


Image credit: Darren and Jade Photography

4. Hong Kong

A quick flight from Singapore but a completely different atmosphere, Hong Kong is a popular spot for it’s urban style of pre-wedding photo shoots due to it’s buzzing and vibrant nature. Head to Mong Kok for it’s maze of streets filled with colourful knick-knacks and flowers, street food stalls and tea houses, guaranteed to deliver cinematic shots.

For a more rural shoot there are several beaches nearby such as Shek O Beach and Po Toi that can offer more serene and scenic backdrops for your pre-wedding portraits.

Step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and into the crashing waves and natural rock of Hong Kong’s beaches.


Image credit: Depthofeel

Or head inland to Mong Kok to take photographs amongst the crowds to highlight Hong Kong’s double decker trams and busy high-rise streets. 


Image credit: Depthofeel

5. Japan

Japan, an exciting metropolis, home to the infamous Shibuya crossing and the time-warped laneways of Golden Gai. With a copious amount of background options, oozing with heritage and tradition and bursting with quirk and colour, it’s no wonder that Japan is a popular spot when choosing a pre-wedding location. That said, Japan has no shortage of natural beauty either. Hakone, an hour west of Tokyo, situated in Fuji-Hakone-Izu National park, is a wondrous place known for its hot springs and volcanic views.

Lake Ashi during the Autumn months is filled with rich fall colours and you can’t beat that legendary Mount Hakone backdrop.


Image credit: Chris Chang Photography

Or stay in vibrant Tokyo for its mix of modern and traditional architecture, colourful buildings and tiny laneways.


Image credit: Andri Tei Photography

6. Korea

Seoul, the capital of Korea, is an electrifying mix of old meets new, a melting pot of modern sky-scrapers and high-tech subways, street markets and temples - an ideal spot for a gritty urban backdrop for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Beyond this hustling metropolis is Nami island, initially famous for being the filming location for Winter Sonata, it’s now famous in its own right for its beautiful tree land streets that morph into different vibrant hues during each season, a must see location if Seoul is your chosen destination.

Nami Island during spring is perfect for shots against blossom filled, tree lined streets, or amid the tall, golden reeds of Reeds Wood Lane.


Image credit: Lightcraft Creative Collection 

Take advantage of what urban Korea has to offer - live like locals and take candid shots in Seoul’s busy streets and high-tech subways.


Image credit: Lightcraft Creative Collection 

7. USA

America is a vast country with a multitude of stunning scenery so it’s hard to choose where to focus your search. Isolating your shoot to the west coast of America offers you epic locations such as Yosemite National Park, with its ancient trees and granite cliffs, to the Grand Canyon and its red rock formations creating vivid imagery - check out Horseshoe Bend for the ultimate backdrop.

A two hour flight Northwest of Arizona gets you to San Francisco. Offering you an eclectic mix of architecture, colourful street art, fisherman's wharfs and of course the Golden Gate bridge, it’s a great option for an artistic, urban feel.

Head to bayside San Francisco, with its craggy rocks and coastal feel, or inland to Arizona at Horseshoe Bend - an epic backdrop against the rich red rocks and winding Colorado River. 


Image credit: 39 East Photography

In San Francisco, you can also make use of the Golden Gate bridge for a grand urban style backdrop, or enjoy a stroll along one of San Francisco’s many residential hills.


Image credit: Douglas Fun Photography

8. Singapore

Ah Singapore, home, known for its colonial architecture and it’s lush greenery. For an alternative location for an urban shoot take a look at Angra Wine and Spirit Importers and utilise it’s colourful shipping containers, a nod to an industry that made Singapore what it is today.

If you want to stay local but rural Singapore has an array of lush green spaces on offer. Why not try East Coast Park for coastal views, Upper Peirce Reservoir for a serene and tranquil escape, or stay more central with Fort Canning Park, with its historical elements and exquisite foliage you won't be short of options.

Head north for a remote and tranquil location at Upper Peirce Reservoir to highlight the lush greenery Singapore has to offer.


Image credit: Antelope Studios

The shipping containers at Angra Wine and Spirit Importers offer a quirky, colourful and unique urban backdrop.


Image credit: Androidsinboots

9. Thailand

Known for it’s tropical landscape and only being a couple of hours away, it's no surprise that Thailand is a popular go-to destination for pre-wedding photography, both rural and urban. Bangkok, the capital, with its bustling street life, network of canals and ornate shrines offers a vibrant, eclectic mix of backdrops for your shoot. And there’s no shortage of natural beauty either, head to Krabi and Railay beach, accessible only by boat, for scenery drenched in tropical mangrove trees that sit amongst sheer limestone cliffs. With over a hundred surrounding islands you’ll have paradise at your fingertips.

Make the most of Krabi’s beaches at the Rayavadee Hotel to showcase Thailand’s infamous longboats and limestone cliffs.


Image credit: The Galeria

China in Bangkok offers a fun location with its bright colours and buzzing streets.

Image credit: Onethreeonefour

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