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Event Styling and Rental

Barnyard Sunset Wedding

Stitch X Marker Styling Studio

Wedding Styling: fr SGD1,000

Iskandar & Jean

Med Kärlek Inc.

Wedding Styling: fr SGD2,800

Wei Yuan & Pei Ling

The Joy Troopers

Wedding Styling: fr SGD900 / Props Re...

Alson & Jolene

Rosette Designs & Co.

Wedding Planning Services: fr SGD5,000

Solemnization Chairs

HappyCo Handlettering & Décor

Wedding Styling: fr SGD650 / Prop Ren...

Wedding Car Rental

Ace Drive

Wedding Car Rental: fr SGD200

Shervin & Maz

Inside The Knot

Wedding Styling: fr SGD1,500 / Weddin...

Marius & Wanwen

Spellbound Group Pte Ltd

Wedding Planning Services: fr SGD4,800

Travel Wedding

Moments by Stirring Hearts

Wedding Styling: fr SGD750 / Props Re...