10 Unique Wedding Venues in Singapore You Never Knew Existed

Reception and Venues

Everyone is so different and no two persons’ dream weddings are the same. Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event in your life and you would want your wedding to be close to perfect. However, if you are not cool with just conforming to having your wedding held at a hotel ballroom, ditch that plan because we have a list of 10 unique wedding venues in Singapore for you. Read on and we hope it inspires you in someway or another.

Voyage to the Sea

For the couple that loves the sea, hold your wedding at any three of these venues by the coast. Get transported to the oasis of tranquility as you smell the sea and listen to the sound of crashing waves. Your guests are sure to be blown away with your wedding by or at the sea.   

1. Tall Ship Adventures 

Like it more on water than on land? Celebrate your big day in style aboard on Tall Ship Adventure’s stunning sailing vessel – the Royal Albatross. There is nothing that spells romance quite the way the Royal Albatross in the salty breeze does. Having your wedding on a vessel affords you the kind of majestic, effortless romance that no other venue could even approach.

Image Credit: Tall Ship Adventures

Couples can choose to hold their ceremony on Tall Ship Adventure’s 47-meter deck whilst taking a short cruise around Singapore’s metropolis surrounded by the breath-taking natural beauty of the nearby islands. Fret not if you have a lot of guests because there are plenty of rooms aboard as they can cruise with up to 149 guests onboard.

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Guest Capacity: 38-200 pax

Minimum Cost: SGD 30,000

2. Tanjong Beach Club

Lauded as one of the World’s Best Beach Clubs, Tanjong Beach Club is a serene sanctuary located on the finest sun-soaked stretch of sand in Sentosa. For the free-spirited couple that loves sunshine and beaches, Tanjong Beach Club is definitely the ideal place for your wedding.

 Image Credit: Tanjong Beach Club

Designed to straddle the line between indoors and outdoors, the beach club takes its cue from the seaside homes of yesteryear, mid-century modernism and nostalgic maritime influences. Out and away from Singapore’s concrete jungle, this peaceful hideaway offers a slice of tropical paradise for you and your prestige guests.


Aloha away and plan your ideal beach wedding here.

Guest Capacity: 10-200 pax

Minimum Cost: SGD 5,000

3. Sabio By The Sea

Located at Quayside Isle, facing the picturesque marina at Sentosa Cove, Sabio By The Sea offers a true Spanish experience with a contemporary twist. Soak up the nautical environment and make your vows at this modern place by the coast. In this enchanting location with panoramic view and gastronomic delights, it sure provides a perfect magical setting for the newlyweds, leaving moments to be remembered for a lifetime.

 Image Credit: Sabio By The Sea

Sabio By The Sea can accommodate any private events such as weddings and solemnization.

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Guest Capacity: Up to 100 pax

Minimum Costs: SGD 6,000

Be the Hero of Your Own Story

There’s a child in you, discover your true self on your big day with your other half as both of you complete the quest of fighting villains. At the end of the day, not all heroes wear cape. *winks*

4. Hungry Heroes

For couples who have that childhood dream of being a Hero, fighting villains, Hungry Heroes is a big boy’s (or girl’s) dream come true. Live your superhero fantasy here on your wedding day in Hungry Heroes. As Singapore’s first Superhero theme café, Hungry Heroes is decorated with countless original and licensed superhero memorabilia from Marvel.

Image Credit: Hungry Heroes

On your big day, you can be anyone you want to be, so immerse yourself in the superhero setting. The abundance of life-sized superhero statues, head busts and action figurines will sure leave your guests in awe. Fight on as you stride your way to abundance of joy with your sidekick (aka your better half).

Complete your quest of being a superhero here.

Guest Capacity: 40-100 pax

Minimum Cost: SGD 1,200

Essence of Peranakan Roots

5. The Blue Ginger

Reminiscing the fond memories of hearty feasts at grandma’s? The Blue Ginger is an ideal place for couples who are traditional and share the love for gastronomic Peranakan food. The Blue Ginger is sure to bring all your guests together over a spread of mouth-watering juicy and aromatic Peranakan dishes. The Blue Ginger boasts intricate Peranakan designs that showcase the beautiful blend of Straits Chinese and Malay cultures, mimicking the union of two souls as one on every couple’s special day. 

Image Credit: The Blue Ginger

Discover your unique Singaporean roots with The Blue Ginger and find out more here.

Guest Capacity: 12-46 pax

Minimum Cost: SGD 1,000

An Elegant Affair

Discerning couples who look into the nitty-gritty details from interior design to plating of food, we have our fair share of ideal venues for you too. Selecting a wedding venue is no child’s play and we want the best for you.

6. Lewin Terrace

For couples who are planning to tie the knot in a cozy and intimate venue, Lewin Terrace is the perfect location to hold the memorable wedding as it is perched in a beautiful garden setting. Lewin Terrace offers Japanese-French fusion cuisine and it is housed in a colonial black and white bungalow with elegant interior.

Image Credit: Lewin Terrace 

Overlooking lush foliage and stunning blossoms, Lewin Terrace is impeccable for a simple and elegant wedding ritual. As night falls, flickering candlelights and glowing fairy lights provide a stunning backdrop to end the extraordinary occasion, making your wedding a truly magical one.


Lewin Terrace also has a dedicated and experienced team of wedding planners to assist in the coordination and planning of each wedding.

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Guest Capacity: Up to 100 Pax

Minimum Cost: SGD 9,888

7. Forlino

Located at a strategic location at One Fullerton, Forlino gives you a panoramic view of the bay, overlooking the magnificent Marina Bay Sands. For the sophisticated couple that is fond of the elegant ambience, Forlino with the “extravagant Italian flair” inspired interior design and myriad of exceptional Italian cuisine is the ideal venue for solemnization and weddings.

Image Credit: Forlino

Imagining “saying yes” with the outstanding backdrop of the Singapore skyline and delectable Italian fine dining. It will indeed be one of the best day of your life.

Forlino promises guests with an exceptional sensory experience for an unforgettable event, find out more here.

Guest Capacity: Up to 90 pax

Minimum Cost: SGD 888

Life of the Party

For the couple who are social butterflies and are the life at parties, we have the perfect place for you. Get ready to mingle around with your guests and make your wedding the best “party” ever.

8. The Black Swan

Are you a fan of The Great Gatsby film and novel? This is the place for you to throw a flamboyant themed wedding. The Black Swan is a stunning art deco grand bistro and bar inspired by a beautifully restored 1930s building. It still preserves the traces of the 1930s that linger deep in its premise, from the low-hanging spherical brass lamps to the dark marbled bar. Get transported to the back of time with the full flavours of the past as The Black Swan boasts a menu of time-honoured chophouse classics.

Image Credit: The Black Swan

The Black Swan caters to all kinds of wedding themes; to hold your wedding Alfresco style outdoor or indoors in its atmospheric Powder Room? You want it and you will have it. 

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Guest Capacity: 60-100pax

Minimum cost: Ranging from SGD 1,000 to SGD 8,000 (prices varies with room choice)

9. Tin Hill Social Restaurant & Bar

Located at Turf City, Tin Hill Social is aptly named as it encompasses mingling spaces. Tin Hill is the choice for hipster couples, a testament for couples who love all things unique. There are graffiti pop arts on the walls and figurines scattered on shelves to further enhance the theme of the place. Tin Hill emits a casual, fun and clean vibe, your guests are sure in for a whole lot of fun on your wedding day.

Image Credit: Tin Hill Social & Bar

Couples can opt for indoor or outdoor options. For the main indoor dining area, it has vaulted ceilings and is nestled in a casual outdoor terrace surrounded by vast greenery. The outdoor area is decorated with hipster murals and a little candlelit bar, perfect for cocktail parties and mingling.


Get ready to mingle and party along on your wedding day with Tin Hill. 

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Guest Capacity: Up to 200 pax

Minimum Cost: SGD 15,000

Historic Richness with Literary Atmosphere 

10. The Arts House

Image Credit: The Arts House

For the gallerygoer couple that is looking for an unconventional venue, The Arts House, which was Singapore’s first Parliament House fits the bill. As one of the oldest heritage buildings in Singapore, The Arts House exudes an artistic and literary atmosphere. With the prestigious brown wood furniture specially shipped in from London since 1954, it adds a whole new dimension to your wedding. With the atmosphere and grand backdrop of the Chamber, you are definitely going to feel like a Royal member. Think about it, who can proudly claim that they got married at the Parliament House? 


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Guest Capacity: Up to 200 pax

Minimum Cost: SGD 2,000


Choosing a wedding venue might seem like a brain-wrecking task because there is way more to consider prior to making a definite choice. Check out the list of venues and get inspirations for your special day on www.hitcheed.com or via our hitcheed App, now available for free in App Store.