4 Things To Consider For An Outdoor Wedding

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For a memorable wedding celebration, forgo the usual hotel banquet dinner and consider holding an outdoor wedding. With these 4 tips, you can plan a stunning al fresco ceremony that will definitely leave you with beautiful memories.

1. Select an appropriate time for your wedding

Time is of the essence. Pick an hour where it is cooler. Evenings make an excellent choice as the air is cooler and you get to have a beautiful sunset as your backdrop. Another alternative is to hold a morning wedding reception when you and your guests can bask in the warm – but not overly hot – glow of the sun and enjoy a sumptuous brunch spread. 

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2. Choose a favourable date

While you cannot guarantee that you will get the perfect weather on the day of your wedding, you can plan ahead to avoid the monsoon period and the haze season. 

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3. Find the right location for your wedding

Even after you take all the precautions above, Mother Nature might just decide to rain on your parade. To prevent your spirits – and clothes – from being dampened, choose a wedding venue which consists of both an outdoor and indoor space. That way, you can hold the wedding ceremony outside amidst the lush greenery and consider adjoining to the indoor venue for air-conditioned comfort. 

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4. Always consider the needs of your guests

For an outdoor wedding, there’s more logistics that you have to take care of to keep your guests feeling cool and comfortable. If you’re not holding your wedding at an al fresco restaurant or a certified wedding venue, consider renting a portable air cooler to keep up a steady breeze. You can also distribute hydrating sprays and paper fans to your guests so that they can keep cool. 

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Pests might also be an issue when you hold an outdoor wedding – especially in a garden venue. If possible, hire a pest control expert to sweep through the area a week prior to your wedding. You can also provide your guests with small bottles of insect repellent spray for their comfort. 

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