4 Venues for Small and Intimate Weddings Under $1000

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With only the closest of friends and family members at your side, small weddings are nothing but comfortable and full of love. Minus the grander scheme of huge-scale weddings, small ones are not only more manageable, but will also allow everyone to socialise better. And because you already know your guests so well, you can be certain that there won’t be a single awkward moment at your wedding. Read on as we uncover 5 lovely venues for you to tie the knot with your best friends by your side.

1. Faber Peak Garden Solemnization

It’s all about happiness at the peak of Mount Faber. Aside from the beautiful scenic views of the Singapore Harbour, the hilltop garden provides a tranquil charm underneath the shelter of Angsana trees, surrounded by dense greeneries. Walk down a spiral staircase made of glass as you make the most exquisite entrance, before you march down the aisle watched over by all of your loved ones to meet your future husband. Then, close the ceremony off by ringing the ‘Bell of Happiness’ before squandering off to enjoy the top-notch food!

Find out more about Faber Peak here.
Guest Capacity: Maximum 30 pax 
Minimum Cost: $688

Image Credit: Faber Peak

2. The Music Salon

Looking for a venue where you can cozy up and engage in meaningful talks with your loved ones? Full of artistic flair, the Music Salon is indeed a unique place to hold your wedding. With plush settees and stylish furnishings, you need not worry about your guests being uncomfortable on the day. And if you need anything, everyone is only an arm’s length away, and you know for sure there is nothing they won’t do for you!

Find out more about The Music Salon here.
Guest Capacity: 10 – 80 pax
Minimum Cost: $120

Image Credit: The Music Salon

3. Cali Café & Bar

Eat, love, and laugh at Cali Café & Bar, a small chic café just minutes away from Buona Vista. This laid-back, casual venue will trigger memories about those good ol’ times you spent hanging out at cafés with your family and friends. Equipped with a pool table and a bar to keep your guests entertained, be prepared for a day flooded with fun and laughter as you reminisce about the days when it all began.

Find out more about Cali Café & Bar here.
Guest Capacity: 30 – 80 pax
Minimum Cost: $540

Image Credit: Cali Café & Bar

4. Senso Ristorante & Bar

Ever dream about holding your wedding in Europe, but *sigh* it’s just too far and too expensive? Well, you don’t have to venture far, nor do you have to spend a substantial amount, as here in Singapore you can have an equally great night just minutes away from Chinatown. This classy, Italian restaurant gives off a romantic European vibe that will transport you over to the next continent. Get married in the middle of the mini courtyard while admiring the soft hints of European architecture, and of course the scrumptious delight of traditional Italian cuisine!

Find out more about Senso Ristorante & Bar here.
Guest Capacity: 10 – 180 pax
Minimum Cost: $380

Image Credit: Senso Ristorante & Bar

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