5 Exquisite Nail Styles That Brides Should Not Miss

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Whether you are newly engaged or getting married in a fortnight, it is indisputable that you would want to look your best on your wedding day. From your hair to makeup and your dress to shoes, the perfection of every little detail is essential for the creation of your dream bridal look. That’s why we have gathered 5 stunning nail art designs that will not only complete your wedding day look but also accentuate your elegant and effortless beauty.
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1. Classic French 

French manicures are one of the rare styles that anyone can rock. With a clean and polished look, it is perfect for brides who prefer simplicity with a hint of class. Best of all, it can even match the most complicated of bridal gown designs, so you don’t have to worry about the clash of styles. Truly, they aren’t called classics for no reason!
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2. Romantic Lace

This design is perfect for brides who wish to show a little more of their feminine side on their wedding day. Intricate and delicate-looking, lace on your nails is essential for creating a dreamy bridal look, and it is one style that looks even good on short nails. 
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3. Marble Prints 

Marble nail arts are one of the most versatile styles available. It gives a chic yet minimalist look and it works well in a variety of colors. From pink to white to gold, you can get every color in the spectrum! For the brides who love art and color on your hands, this is one look you definitely do not want to miss. 
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4. Glitter and Glam

Catch the limelight every time you move with a pop or splash of glitter on your nails. For brides going for a glamorous wedding theme, glitter is an indispensable element in creating a red-carpet worthy bridal look. Best of all, you can also mix it up with a little white or pastel colors and the effect will remain just as stunning.
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5. 3D Flowers and Crystal

For brides who want something slightly more extravagant, this 3D flower and crystal nail art is for you! Spruce up your nails with embellishments, flowers, crystals, and colors that go well together. Without a doubt, the 3D effect is bound to boost the attractiveness of your nails and bring it to life. Do not be afraid to go all out for the most unique and interesting 3D design. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

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A Friendly Reminder

Do remember to trim your nails about one week before your wedding day, so as to have the desired nail length on your big day. Also, book an appointment to have your nails done one to two days before your wedding day. This can help you to avoid chipped nail polishes and you will have one less thing to stress about on your wedding day. Be sure to have fun with your nails!

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