5 Ways To Make Your Wedding Memorable

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Hitched and planning a memorable wedding but with no idea where to begin? Overwhelmed with bridal magazines and well-meaning advice from relatives and friends? Put these aside and let us bring you back to the basics that will ultimately make or break a wedding!

1. Have a Theme that is Personal to You and Your Spouse

You’ve read articles of weddings themed around popular culture – like Harry Potter - and marveled at the uniqueness of it. Whatever common interest or event it is that brought you and your spouse together –theme your wedding around it for a truly unique event that will have you reminisce and recall the first days of your journey together with your spouse.  

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2. Hiring a Professional Emcee 

The ideal emcee will entertain your guests, make them laugh and perhaps even shed a few tears over the heart-warming events and moments that you’ve shared with your spouse. He or she is key to ensuring that you, your spouse and guests have the time of your lives celebrating your union. Don’t get a dull one that reads off the script! 

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3. Activities for Your Guests 

Let’s ‘fess up. We’ve all been through long dinners seated with other guests slowly growing bored as conversation dries up. Why subject your beloved relatives and friends to that on a jubilant occasion? Have some fun activities or entertainment – like games and quizzes or even an oldies sing-along with a band! Also, check in with your guests time to time, have them feel appreciated and you will get a more joyful and sincere atmosphere.

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4. Ensuring Venue’s Accessibility and Comfort 

You want a memorable wedding- but not for the wrong reasons. Lost guests, tired and frustrated guests, late guests will definitely ruin your once-in-a-lifetime event. Arrange for transport and coolers/fans if your venue is inaccessible or in an outdoor environment and make adjustments to the expected attire and refreshments to ensure maximum comfort and joy.  

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It is unfortunately, very easy to have a wedding that is memorable for all the entirely wrong reasons. But with careful foresight, planning and our tips in mind, it won’t be the case! Look back in the future on your wedding with a joyous smile on your face; let us assist you with your wedding journey and take a look at more of our articles now.

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