6 Quirky Wedding Themes For A Day To Remember

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We all want our weddings to be The One – the most unique and unforgettable occasion ever – and rightfully so. Standing apart from the typical weddings need not be difficult, take a cue from the below five happy couples and their quirky weddings.

1. Alohomora! Your Way to a Magical Wedding

Magical sparks were in the air as Harry Potter fans Shi Xun and Gilyn dressed in wizarding finery – robes, hats and wands – alongside guests to make their wedding a bewitching occasion. Incorporating their passion certainly let them create an enchanting once-in-a-lifetime event.  

Image credit: Antelope Studios - Shi Xiu & Gilyn

2. A Wedding That’s Definitely Not A Snooze

Remember the early days in your relationship when you chatted all night with your spouse in your pajamas in bed? Relieve those days and take a cue from Rui Yang and Sin Yee who had a slumber party themed wedding and make it one that will definitely stay in memory.  

Image credit: 39 East Photography - Rui Yang & Sin Yee

3. Building A Lifetime Together

Symbolizing and marking the work a couple puts in together to build a lifelong marriage together, best men dressed up as construction workers to mark the occasion and the journey ahead for the happy couple. 

Image credit: John15 Photography - Bo & Michelle

4. Bring in the Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were out on the prowl at Daosheng and Cheryl’s wedding! Having fun goofing off and turning heads with the best men riding quirky bright green dinosaurs to fetch the bride, the wedding was definitely an unconventional and fun one to remember. 

Image credit: Tinydot - Daosheng & Cheryl

5. Appearances Are Not Everything

Stray from the conventional and forced ideal of the “slim” and perfect figure for your wedding with best men dressed up in quirky fat man suits complete with top hats. Bringing a splash of fun and laughter to the occasion, it also signifies the couple’s commitment to be together disregarding appearances.

Image credit: Tinydot - Alywin & Michelle

6. A Blast from the Past

Go back to old traditions and stand out from the rest with a Shanghai Tang-styled wedding. Paint a classic, glamorous and unique picture dressed up in the traditional Qun Kwa complete with headdress and attendants (your bridesmaids and best men)! 

Image credit: 36Frames - Song Hui & Lisi

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