7 Unique Wedding Favours & Gifts Your Guests Will Absolutely Love

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How many times have you received wedding favours that are handed out to you at wedding parties, only to be thrown away the next day, or never to be used again? The most common reason for this would be that wedding guests couldn’t find any use of the favours, hence they would all eventually end up in the bin. But here at Hitcheed, you can choose a variety of unconventional wedding favours from our list of vendors. From the vintage, to the minimalist, to the edible, your guests would definitely be glad they attended your wedding!

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1. Thycupbearer

If you have a soft spot for the traditional, then these old-school enamel mugs would make the perfect, nostalgic gifts for your guests! Thycupbearer offers hand drawn designs that can be customized as much as to your liking. Unleash your love for local vintage items and gift your guests with a practical keepsake that they can use on a daily basis!

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2. Laurel Town

Remember those days when you used to buy matching friendship bracelets with your friends? Chic, minimalist, and simple, these handmade bracelets could serve as another memento for your friendship and gratitude for your guests.

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3. Oh!eaf

Bring more joy for your guests by giving them these handmade mini ceramic vases, designed with simplicity and minimalism. Topped with a handful of dried plants or flowers, these vases could easily bring smiles to anyone’s faces. And the best part is you can bring it home with it snugly sitting in your palm!

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4. Collaboration Tea

No, it’s not just any tea. Apart from it being fragrant and rich, the packaging is absolutely beautiful, and you can also personalise it with your favourite quotes, which of course, are written in stunning calligraphy. The tea itself is available in a variety of floral, fruity, and herbal blends, that are sure to wash down any worries.

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5. Intertwined

Who wouldn’t enjoy lighting a candle at the end of a long day and let it burn all your worries and stress away? These candles from Intertwined are not only a stress-reliever, but they are also designed voluptuously in many variations. Easily pick a grand style of your own and treat your guests with their own pampering sessions.

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6. Masons Home Decor Pte Ltd

We just couldn’t resist all things tiny and pretty! Trust Masons Home Decor to provide you with the best home accessories, like these mini terrariums! A calming element and a soothing touch to a room, your guests would definitely appreciate a charming addition in their homes.

Image Credit: Masons Home Decor Pte Ltd


When it comes to food, you really can’t go wrong. With these customisable munchables from in their cute packagings, your guests will enjoy taking ‘snack shots’ from these ‘snack tubes’. If anything, the little ones would definitely love them.

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