8 Fairytale-like Wedding Venues in Singapore

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Looking for a beautiful whimsical venue in Singapore to hold that magical fairy-tale themed wedding? This list is for the princess brides who wish to live out their favourite fairy-tale, and transform their wedding day into an enchanted memory. Hitcheed has sourced out 8 fantastical locations that will fit your favourite fairy-tale!

Down The Rabbit Hole

Whimsical, wonderful, ethereal – these venues will send you to a different realm where smiling Cheshire cats and mad hatters could very possibly pop up in front of you! Let your imagination run wild in these charmingly veiled restaurants and create the craziest wedding for yourselves.

1. Villa Halia

Villa Halia (the Malay word for Ginger) is located in the Ginger Garden of the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Encircled by lush greenery and quiet, Villa Halia is almost a splitting image of Aurora’s castle when the whole castle was put to 100 years of sleep. It boasts an unobtrusive dining room with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, beckoning the greenery indoors, and allowing guests to dine uninterrupted in the Garden whilst still comfortably ensconced in cool surroundings. Villa Halia can seat up to 200 guests. 

Image Credit: Villa Halia

2. Pollen

Concealed within the lush foliage of the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay, probably with a hidden rabbit hole somewhere, Pollen is a whole other world just minutes away from Singapore’s towering skyscrapers! Just take care not to get lost like Alice as you bask in spectacular views of the Marina Bay skyline and waterfront. As part of their exceptional service, your guests will be provided buggy service from Gardens by the Bay's arrival plaza to the restaurant.

Image Credit: Pollen

Magic Carpet Ride

Let these venues show you the world – shining, shimmering, splendid! With a fantastic point of view, it is almost as if you were atop Aladdin’s magic carpet and soaring way up high. Both locations have a great location that allows for a picturesque viewpoint to the rest of the island.

3. Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

Situated at the top of a cliff rising above Tanjong Beach in Sentosa, Sofitel Sentosa is a 27-acre tropical haven of tranquillity and relaxation. Have your ceremony in a magical garden straight out of Jasmine’s castle, insulated from the hustle and bustle of the city, overlooking the sparkling sea.

Image Credit: Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa

4. Sky Garden

Hidden on the rooftop of iFly Sentosa is a quintessential rooftop wedding venue, Sky Garden. The rooftop alfresco reveals gorgeous views of the South China Sea and of Sentosa itself, and is surrounded by flora and fauna. In the evenings, you also get to enjoy a mesmerizing sunset and stunning fireworks from a vantage point, creating the perfect balance between elegance and serenity. There are also indoor options for more ceremonial purposes or intimate sit-down dinners.

Image Credit: Sky Garden

True Love’s Kiss

Just like Snow White, you were awoken by true love’s kiss. And now, it’s time for you to pledge forever to each other. These two venues will be perfect for you, reminiscent of the fairy-tale – a majestic palace-like chapel filled with the finest details, and a cosy little cottage-like restaurant set in the enchanting countryside. 

5. Vineyard

Vineyard is nestled within the verdant greens of Singapore's Southern Ridges, a perfect venue for a picturesque and distinguished wedding. Its charming and rustic interior is coupled with an al fresco veranda that overlooks a whimsical secret garden, recreating the experience of the countryside with beautifully aged-wood tables and rustic earthly wood fixtures. Vineyard is a picture of peace and serenity, away from the bustling city.

Image Credit: Vineyard


CHIJMES Hall, an exquisitely 19th-century neo-gothic chapel in the heart of Singapore, is the epitome of elegance with its striking architectural features. The interior space is tastefully lit up with an array of sparkling crystal chandeliers, with its gothic styled arches, high ceiling and filtered lights falling gently through the finest stained glass windows, and the chapel’s columns and corridors also bear lovely motifs of flowers and birds. This venue is as romantic as Snow White & Prince Charming’s love story, offering a dreamy ambience with regal charm for an experience that lasts for a life-time.

PS. There is also a Bride's Room, fitted with all the necessities for the bride's use 

Image Credit: Chijmes

Under The Sea

Does the sea mean something special to both of you, maybe its where your first meeting, first date or first kiss happened? Perhaps, just like Ariel the Little Mermaid, the sea is a part of you. If you wish to wed your prince amidst glimmering waves and an endless horizon, these venues were made for you.

7. The Royal Albatross

For a luxurious and amorous wedding unlike any other, hold your wedding abroad The Royal Albatross – a majestic 47-meter yacht that boasts true scenic romance. This is the largest yacht charter in Singapore, and can hold up to 149 guests on board. As you sail through the shimmering blue seas on your exclusive charter, find comfort in the calm lapping of waves and the faces of delight and satisfaction abroad your wedding yacht.

Image Credit: The Royal Albatross

8. Tanjong Beach Club

Tanjong Beach Club is a serene sanctuary located on the finest beach in Sentosa. It is a peaceful hideaway from Singapore’s concrete jungle, offering a slice of tropical paradise mere minutes away from the heart of the city. As the restaurant has its own beachfront, you can also hold your ceremony on the beach right by the sea. You will be transported to an exotic overseas beachside villa for your ceremony, except you didn’t have to take a plane!

Image Credit: Tanjong Beach Club

Getting married to your Mr Right is a dream come true. Just imagine if you are exchanging your vows at such a fairy-tale like wedding venue, oh, this is going to be your own version of “Happily Ever After”. Download the hitcheed app on App Store and Google Play to view more wedding venues. 

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