8 Wedding Caterers Recommended by Wedding Couples

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Image Credit: Wedding Knots by Lavish

Your wedding guests are attending your wedding to witness you marry the love of your life, but that doesn’t mean they are not expecting a delectable experience during your wedding reception, too.

These days, couples are spoilt for choice for taste, presentation, and quality beyond the standard wedding fare. With Singapore's foodie culture, catering companies have to meet a higher bar of standards, and our Hitcheed recommended caterers do! But with so many creative caterers out there, how would you know who to trust to ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime occasion goes delightfully well?

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To help you narrow down your choices, keep these questions in mind:

  1. How do you want your wedding to feel? Think about the wedding receptions you have attended, and list what you liked and what you didn’t.
  2. What kind of style does your caterer have? Ask to see their portfolio of works and consider if their floral arrangement or layout style suits your liking.
  3. How many people do you expect to be attending your wedding and how much should you budget for it?
  4. What are the dietary restrictions of your guests? Don’t forget to cater to the different diets of your guests.
  5. Miscellaneous questions: Do you require any of their add-ons to your package? Can you waive the transportation charges? Do you want to add interactive dessert stations for your guests?

Now that you are more prepared with your checklist, sieve through our list of the most recommended wedding caterers and engage the services of the one that speaks most to you and your style!

1. Stamford Catering

With over two decades of experience in the local events catering scene, Stamford Catering provides modern delectable food for all festivities. Their beautiful thematic set-ups leave lasting expressions for your guests and their extensive variety of dishes as a Halal-certified events caterer provide a wide array of delicious options for both your grand and intimate celebrations.

Image Credit: Stamford Catering 

Find out more about Stamford Catering here
Minimum Guests: 100
Minimum Cost: SGD 8.80 per person

2. Catering Culture

Wedding catering these days has expanded beyond quality tasting fare. At Catering Culture, the presentation is also key. Working together with couples, from concept to menu, they have successfully delivered awe-inspiring set-ups and tasty fare that leaves the guests satisfied and talking, even after the wedding! 

Image Credit: Catering Culture

Find out more about Catering Culture here.
Minimum Guests: 200
Minimum Cost: SGD 11.80 per person

3. Manna Pot Catering

While savoury dishes are always a must-have for wedding guests, the dessert tables always take the cake! From elaborate decorations to simple minimalistic styles, Manna Pot Catering has managed to exhibit its versatility for the range of requests and styles of their clients. Speak to your caterers what colour themes you'd like to see, and they might just incorporate it into the food courses as well!

Image Credit: Manna Pot Catering 

Find out more about Manna Pot Catering here.  
Minimum Guests: 200 
Minimum Cost: SGD 18.00 per person

4. Wedding Knots by Lavish Dine

Wedding Knots by Lavish Dine has got us salivating since they first started serving wedding fare in stunning display. Their attention to detail always leave guests and couple delightfully satiated. Be it rustic wedding themes or classic glamour celebrations, Wedding Knots has always been able to deliver above expectations!

Image Credit: Wedding Knots by Lavish Dine

Find out more about Wedding Knots by Lavish here.
Minimum Guests: 200 
Minimum Cost: SGD 19.62 per person

5. One Paradise

One Paradise is a familiar name, as The Paradise Group's foray into the wedding catering scene. With One Paradise, you can expect nothing less than the restaurant quality you know and love from their other culinary offerings. Set against any backdrop, their wedding fare and presentation will definitely impress your guests and make your special day memorable for all.

Image Credit: One Paradise

Find out more about One Paradise here
Minimum Guests: 30 
Minimum Cost: SGD 20.00 per person

6. Sakura Forte Pte Ltd

Sakura Forte is one for the grand celebrations. Having catered to high profile events, as well as intimate birthday parties, Sakura Forte is no stranger to delivering to your expectations and impressing everyone. Their charcoal grill, tempura, teppanyaki, sashimi and dessert live stations to be highly interactive and delectably fun way to enjoy Japanese cuisine.

Image Credit: Sakura Forte

Find out more about Sakura Forte Pte Ltd here
Minimum Guests: 40 
Minimum Cost: SGD 21.80 per person

7. Rasel Catering Singapore Pte Ltd

Image Credit: Rasel Catering Singapore Pte Ltd 

Find out more about Rasel Catering Singapore Pte Ltd here.
Minimum Guests: (check with caterer) 
Minimum Cost: SGD 22.00 per person

8. Amici Events and Catering Pte Ltd

Chic with a touch of elegance is the usual impression Amici Events and Catering deliver. Their meticulous attention to detail dresses up the room while their wedding fare makes good conversation starters, leaving your guests impressed. Work with them to see which theme best suits your style and preferences and anticipate for their magic to happen!

Image Credit: Amici Events and Catering Pte Ltd

Find out more about Amici Events and Catering Pte Ltd here.
Minimum Guests: 100 
Minimum Cost: SGD 28.00 per person

Image Credit: Catering Culture

Now that you're updated with the creative wedding caterers, Hitcheed is here to recommend you wedding caterers you could consider for your wedding lunch, tea reception, and/or dinner. An alternative to your banquet meal options or restaurant fare, check out our full list of wedding caterers to find your wedding caterer partners that match your style, preferences and budget! Get your free recommendation for the top wedding caterers today.

If you'd like to see more attractive discounts and promotions from some of these caterers and other wedding vendors, swing by for Hitcheed's free meet-and-greet session on 25th and 26th November at Orchard! RSVP early to enjoy up to $300 worth of instant cash rebate vouchers. For more information or to RSVP, check out the event details here.

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