9 Tips On How To Write The Most Meaningful Wedding Vows

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Writing your own wedding vows could be a challenge. If you've sat at weddings before and swallowed down a lump as you listened to two people exchange their vows to be married, then you would know the true significance of those words. They are, after all, an unbreakable promise that you will make for the rest of your life. Those words that you utter at your wedding are those that would also bound your whole marriage eternally. Now, before you go and stress yourself up thinking about what to write, read these tips to guide you.

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1. Go back to the start

There’s no better story to tell than the first time you met your significant other. Maybe it was love at first sight, or maybe even hate at first sight. On your wedding day, it would be nice to remind each other of how far you’ve come, from that first impression that you received from each other, to the day that he put a ring on your finger. Remember that without that first move, you probably wouldn’t be where you are right now.

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2. Recall all the good times

Remember that time when he made you laugh so hard you had tears in your eyes? Or the time when he appeared, out of nowhere, with something you needed, without your asking for it? Think about how far you’ve grown as a person, and as a couple. The feelings that developed along the way, the lessons you've learned, and most importantly, what he has grown to mean to you.

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3. Go on a sweet, loving date

Note that getting writer’s block while writing your vows doesn’t mean that you are a bad lover. Not knowing what to write is completely normal and definitely not uncommon among us human beings. Sometimes, what you need is a little inspirational kick to get you going. So arrange a date night, why not? Or better yet, spend the whole day with your future husband, and let him be your muse.

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4. Go on a writing spree

Jot down everything that comes into your mind when it comes to your partner. Don’t worry about grammar, spelling, or structure - just let the words flow from your heart to the tip of your pen and write, even though it doesn’t make sense. Once you’re done, read it back later on and you might just surprise yourself!

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5. Think of your promises

Think of spending the rest of your life together with your future husband, and list down your promises to him. Don’t worry, it doesn’t always have to be serious. You can always spice it up a bit with little jokes here and there. (e.g. I promise to always run away from your farts and burps).

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6. Read examples online

When in doubt, turn to one of the most resourceful places: the internet. There are thousands of examples you can refer to, and most would probably make you smile, laugh, and weep. Let all the emotions flow through you, and you might just be rewarded with the most remarkable piece of writing you’ve ever written!

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7. Read it out loud

Once you’ve written down your vows, stand in front of the mirror and practise it. Yes, you might think that you would look extremely ridiculous, but you’d also want your wedding to be perfect. You also do not want to bore your guests by making it too long, so make sure that it stays within the 2-minute mark.

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8. Get a second opinion

If you’re in doubt as to whether your vows would sound alright, ask your best friend to listen to it. It is always useful to get constructive criticisms from another person. After all, there’s no other opinion you trust more than your best buddy’s, right?

9. Get creative!

It is your wedding vows, something really personal to you, so feel free to express it however you want. Just like how Tom Fletcher from McFly melted all our hearts by writing a song and singing out his wedding speech, yours too, can take part in any creative form!

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