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From the moment you get engaged, the number one goal to tick off that ‘to do’ list is to find a dress that is right for you, whether you’re a free spirit or demure damsel, finding the right dress to suit your personality is key to feeling your best on the big day. Picking the right dress doesn’t have to be overwhelming, look to yourself for inner guidance or let Hitcheed help, what wedding dress style suits you best? Carry on reading to find out.

Sleeved Dresses for the Reserved Ladies

Not one to shout, you’re quietly confident and see yourself as more of an introvert. You lean towards demure simplicity though lace sleeves, modest necklines, and classic silhouettes. You have that less is more approach and crave simplistic, feminine designs with a timeless feel, that allow you to shine as a bride without having to show too much skin.

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Dramatic Dresses for the Divas

If you view yourself as more of an extrovert, live life to the full, or thrive off being the centre of attention, this is your moment to go all out and choose a dramatic dress that really turns heads. If there’s ever a moment to channel your inner Disney princess the time is now, think grand ball gown silhouettes - the bigger the better - with a statement train, extravagant veil, or why not a crown. It’s time to unleash the inner diva.

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Image Credit: Acapella Photography

Bohemian Dresses for the Free Spirited

For the bride that’s more relaxed, is happy to go with the flow, or in touch with her inner zen, why not opt for something more simple and relaxed? If you’re one to go against society's expectations, why should your wedding day be any different. Think off white, relaxed silhouettes, vintage embroidery and whimsical touches. Your dress should be effortless in design but with an artistic flair that will bring out your free-spirited side

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Qipaos for the Traditionals

For the traditional bride, wearing a Qipao is an elegant way to pay homage to your culture. Though they’re typically seen in red, to symbolise happiness and good luck, modern brides have been tailor making theirs with a twist, choosing alternative colours and mixing up the silhouette to reflect their personality. The Qipao is for the bride that values their heritage but doesn’t want to skimp on being chic.

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Tea Dresses for the Bubbly

You’re sweet, charismatic, and full of love - copy these traits with a cute tea dress and inject some fun into your wedding. Not one to take yourself too seriously you should pick a dress that steers away from the traditional, opt for a short tea dress with airy, whimsical touches to reflect that bubbly behaviour.

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Coloured Dresses for the Trendsetters

If you’re someone that enjoys breaking conventions, are on top of the latest trends and want to veer away from the stereotypical white bridal gown, then why not take a risk with some colour. Whether it’s a simple A line, or a classic ball gown silhouette, make a statement with the colour you choose for a head turning, trendsetting look.  

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