Best Photojournalist Photos For Your Wedding Inspiration

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Traditional wedding photos are recognised by its standard set of shots and effects, almost to the point of cliché. Then comes in photojournalistic style to sweep wedding couples off their feet with the unique observational point of view without adulteration. Instead of guiding and directing the shots on the wedding day, wedding photojournalists now take a step back and record the day as it unfolds. This captures the realism of the day, as well as the candid moments of glee and joy that is shared by the wedding party and their guests. And because it's no longer cliché or confined to a cookie cutter, photojournalistic wedding photos are unique to every couple and their story. 

Get inspired by 12 amazing photos by wedding photographers who embraces the photojournalist style of modern storytelling behind the lens! The strong storytelling is backed by great composition and interesting observation angles, which we can't help but fall head over heels with, and wish we were there too!

Image Credits: Andri Tei Photography

Image Credits: Loveinstills

Image Credits: Chris Chang Photography

Image Credits: aMusephotographer
Image Credits: Dapper PicturesImage Credits: Forever Pixels ArtsImage Credits: Andri Tei Photography

Image Credits: Forever Pixels ArtsImage Credits: Antelope Studios
Image Credits: Depthofeel
Image Credits: Acapella Photography
Image Credits: Meteor Production

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