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It is your big day and it is the time for you to shine. Hence, without a doubt, you would want to look your best and bask in all the limelight. Ever wondered what can you do to prepare yourself for your big day? 

We have asked the experts Gerra, from The Beauty Society and Airin, from Airin Lee Professional Hair & Make Up to share some of their beauty hacks, tips, and views for you lovely brides-to-be.

Image Credit: The Beauty Society - Gerra, Airin Lee Professional Hair & Make Up Artist - Airin

Advice in choosing your wedding makeup look

1) Start Early

Airin Lee Professional Hair & Make Up: It would be more realistic to first choose your wedding gown and venue before proceeding into finalizing your hair and makeup. At the end of the day, you would want to look good from head to toe but some looks are unsuitable for some venues.

The Beauty Society: Bring references to the makeup trial and start looking for images of makeup looks that you really like and bring them with you on the day.Image Credit: The Beauty Society - Hair and MakeupImage Credit: Charlane Yu Makeup and Hair - Hair and Makeup

2) It is okay to be clueless

The Beauty Society: It is perfectly fine if you are totally clueless. Just keep an open mind and I would advise you to start with a look that naturally enhances and adjust from there. We work with what is best for your facial proportions or features. Even though the end result may be different from your usual look, be assured that it is in a very good way.Image Credit: Airin Lee Professional Hair & Make Up Artist - Hair and Makeup

Advice in choosing your wedding hairstyle

1) Brides with dark hair

The Beauty Society: It would be an option to have some natural highlights or go two to three shades lighter from your original black hair. This allows your hairstyle to stand out and look better.Image Credit: Airin Lee Professional Hair & Make Up Artist - Hair and MakeupImage Credit: Andri Tei Photography - Photographers

Image Credit: The Beauty Society - Hair and Makeup

2) Brides with fine hair

The Beauty Society: Use a good scalp shampoo to unclog and clean problematic scalps. Consider using hair tonic too as it has nutrients and provides protection for your scalp.Image Credit: Andri Tei Photography - PhotographersImage Credit: The Beauty Society - Hair and Makeup

3) A friendly reminder

Airin Lee Professional Hair & Make Up: Brides are usually more worried and particular if their hair are not long enough for the look.

The Beauty Society: Do not do last minute trims or major hair colour changes. If you wish to do so, get them done earlier so that there is always time for adjustments if needed.

Image Credit: Airin Lee Professional Hair & Make Up Artist - Hair and Makeup

How brides should prep her skin

1) Skincare

Airin Lee Professional Hair & Make Up:  I highly advise brides to be more diligent with their skin care two months before their wedding day. Also, using Vitamin C serum and Hyaluronic Acid serum are the key to a luminous and radiant skin. Last but not least, you will get the optimal results by applying sheet mask every night on the last week before your actual day wedding.

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Image credit: The Beauty Society - Hair and Makeup

2) Hydration and protection

The Beauty Society: Your skin needs constant hydration. Drink plenty of water (not to overdo it, but enough). Try to avoid too much salty food that dehydrates your skin. Also, remember to always put on sunblock as UV lights are a one-way track to aging skin.

Airin Lee Professional Hair & Make Up: I would try to get brides to drink a glass of lukewarm lemon water to rehydrate their bodies entirely.

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Last minute beauty hacks

Afraid that you will wake up and start your wedding day with puffy eyes, yellowish teeth, chap lips and a foul smell? No worries, here are some tips that will help save the day!

1) Say goodbye to puffy eyes 

The Beauty Society: My favorite quick tip is to ice it for a short while for an instant reduction in puffiness as swollen eyes cannot be concealed with makeup. Remember to always moisturize your eyes as many of us tend to neglect this step.

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2) Say goodbye to yellowish teeth

The Beauty Society: We may neglect how they look on a normal day, but you need to put in extra attention for whitening before your big day. We want those pearls to shine when you smile.

Here are two ways you can utilize and brighten your smile!
1. Add water to powdered charcoal, dip your toothbrush into the paste and brush away!

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Image Credit: The Beauty Society - Hair and Makeup

2. Another method is to rub the inner side of banana peels on your teeth. Those ivory teeth are waiting for you!

Image Credit: Acapella Photography - Photographers

3) Say goodbye to chap lips

The Beauty Society: Lips are just as important as your eyes. So bring along your moisturizing lip balm or color for constant touch ups to look polished and perfect all the time.

Image Credit: Marie Claire

4) Say goodbye to foul smells

The Beauty Society: You want to start smelling fresh and spritz your perfume in strategic areas for longer lasting effect. Such areas are behind the ears, behind the knees, your hair and also your inner elbow.

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5) Skincare

Airin Lee Professional Hair & Make Up: Apply a thick layer of sleeping mask the day before your actual day. This will help to instantly hydrate your skin so that it looks fresh and supple. On the day itself, after you wash off the mask, soak a towel in warm water to soothe your skin and relax your facial muscles. The warmth will help to de-stress, soothe and calm your skin.

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Thank you for sharing your beauty knowledge with us, Gerra and Airin! We have certainly learned a lot of beauty hacks and tips from both of you.

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