Can You Believe That These Gorgeous Wedding Favours Are Under $5?

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Looking for a unique wedding favour for your guests? Here are our top suggestions for wedding favours that are both gorgeous to look at and totally practical--and as an added bonus, can tie in with your colour scheme and showcase your favourite items. 

Tea or Coffee?

Cup of Java

Share your love of coffee with your nearest and dearest. These coffee favour bags, with customisable tag, are from Alliance Coffee, which uses specialty, freshly roasted coffee beans and packaged into small burlap bags. Guests can put this in a cup of coffee, and let it steep for six minutes for full flavour.

Wedding Vendor: Alliance Coffee

Price: $1.80 per coffee/tea bag (for 80 people). Couples can choose from two coffee blends and three flavoured tea options. 

Tea-riffic Blends

Using premium tea leaves, Collaboration Tea creates a unique wedding favour--tea poches (a bag full of biodegradable and environmentally-safe tea sachets) that can be customised to your theme or your weddings. You can fully design the label--available as rectangles, square with sharp or rounded edges, or round--in front, with tea details if necessary. The flavours might include the usual suspects--oolong, Pu Erh, Genmaicha, Breakfast Awakening and Earl Grey--as well as others like In Love with Peach, Lychee Martini, Vanilla Creme and Lemongrass Breeze. 

Wedding Vendor: Collaboration Tea

Price: Starts from $2.24. 

Sweet Treats

Nutella & Honey

When it comes to favours, a universal favourite is food--whether it's a jar of Nutella, cookies or macarons. 

Do Me a Favour (DMAF) is your go-to if you're thinking of getting classic sweet treats as wedding favours for your guests. DMAF boasts of a selection of sweet treats ranging from chocolate sunflower seeds to honey, and even the cult favourite breakfast spread--Nutella. Personalise the packaging with your wedding motifs to truly make it your own. 

Wedding Vendor: Do Me a Favour

Price: Starts from $2.30

Wedding Favour: HoneySpree

Price: Starts from $2.20

Cookies and Macarons

A freshly-baked cookie is like a hug to the soul. If cookies aren't your thing, there are always assorted nuts in mini glass bottles. 

Wedding Vendor:

Price: Starts from $1.35 each. 

Another classic favourite would be a gift of macarons. This box of white and teal macarons, with gold piping looks amazing and delectable--and it's under $5!

Wedding Vendor: Ola Lola 

Price: $4.50 per box

Pinterest-Worthy Practical Favours

Typical and practical wedding favours need not be boring if they are made elegant. Some of these 'Insta-worthy' and Pinterest-worthy wedding favours can be found in Simply Wedding Favours' selection, where practical things are made too adorable to be used. Be it frosted cup coasters, luggage tags, bookmarks or bottle openers, you would find it difficult to even decide on one! 

Wedding Vendor: Simply Wedding Favors

Price: Starts from $2.16

Personalised and Handmade Cups

If you would like to give personalised gifts to each of your guests, you may consider these enamel cups from Thy Cupbearer. Add a modern touch to these vintage-style enamel cups by personalising them for your guests. The shop, which began , each cup is handmade and customised to your needs, so you can be sure that each one is lovingly made! Surprise the important people in your wedding with these gifts that they can use well after the wedding is over. 

Wedding Vendor: Thy Cupbearer 

Price: Starts from $5 /cup (50 cups and up)

If you like what you see, check out the full listing of our wedding vendors on our site, and get a free and personalised recommendation from us. 

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