Choosing The Right Bridesmaids’ Dresses For Your Girl Squad

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Bridesmaid's dresses were often viewed as awkward and less than flattering. But it really doesn't have to be that way! Here are some tips to keeping your best gals pals on point during your big day!

1. Know your theme

Once you have selected a theme for your wedding, you can start picking out dresses that complement the theme.  If you've decided on a garden wedding theme, go with dresses of a pastel shade will ensure that your ladies look dressed for the occasion!

Instead of the usual suspects of lavender and peach, you might want to consider dresses in shades such as mint green or robin’s egg blue which put a refreshing spin on the pastel trend.

Remember that when planning your wedding, the only limit is your imagination! Don't limit yourself in terms of your theme and decor - it's your day have fun with it!

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2. Consider the nature of the event

You wouldn’t want to be caught outside in 32-degree heat wearing a heavy wedding gown with an extensive train, and neither would your girls.

Since Singapore's weather can be unforgiving, stay easy, breezy and beautiful at an outdoor wedding with dresses which are made of lightweight materials such as chiffon or lace. Feel free to even go short! Nobody said they have to be gowns anymore. Like we said, have some fun!

You can still have your girls looking classy in something a little shorter - we're sure they'll thank you later!

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3. Understand the personality of your bridesmaids

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to your bridesmaids’ dresses. While it’s best to stick to complementary colours and fabrics, you can let your bridesmaids’ personalities shine through by letting them select the dress style that they want. Consider dresses that can be worn in more ways than one. Asos has a wide selection of gowns that can be tweaked to suit your bridesmaids individual personalities!

The bonus: they will be able to wear the dress for another occasion since it’s a style which they are comfortable with. 

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4. Budget

Having said all of this, the most important consideration is the budget. Since it is customary for bridesmaids to pay for their own dresses, you need to set a budget which they are comfortable with.

Rather than getting your bridesmaids’ dresses from bridal boutiques (which can be quite expensive), there's a wide range of ladies’ apparel stores from which you can purchase bridesmaids’ appropriate dresses from. In fact, take your bridesmaid dress hunt online! Like we said, Asos has some great stuff! 

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So keep these tips in mind as you get ready for some retail therapy with your girlfriends. For Hitcheed's full list of bridesmaid dresses or bridal gown studios, check out Hitcheed's full list of bridal studios.

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