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Beyond the spectacular wedding decor at your stunning wedding venue of choice and wedding food caterer, wedding guests will also always mention the good music or fun entertainment factor at stellar weddings they've attended. In fact, live music can make or break your wedding celebration. Here are some checkpoints we suggest you ask yourself before engaging a live band or DJ for your wedding:

  • What type of entertainment are you looking for?
  • Does the entertainment or music choice you want suit your budget?
  • Does it suit your guest demographics?
  • Do you have space or technical set up restrictions at your wedding venue?

Live bands are typically more costly than wedding DJs because of the number of people in a band, though celebrity wedding DJs may cost much more. Find the right entertainment for your wedding that also suits your budget! And don't forget to engage a professional emcee to serve as the master of ceremonies for the day, as well as to create the right vibe for your wedding! 

Live Music

Live music makes for a great engaging and sophisticated performance across the different segments of your wedding ceremony. If you want a big band performance for your march in, a live band gives the best sounds for your entrance or walk down the aisle. The bandleader of the live wedding band will act as your master of ceremonies, paying attention to the vibes of the room and adjust his playlist accordingly. Don't forget to check out their playlists of live performances before you engage them to get a feel of what are the popular sets they have at weddings, and to ask if they take any of your special requests.

1. Wedding Harmony

If you want live music with original song composition, Wedding Harmony is the right professional to begin your wedding day entertainment plans with. Their high-quality live vocal performances accompanied by talented musicians will wow your guests and give them the right impressions of your wedding day. Wedding Harmony also produces original wedding songs, so speak with their team who will create a unique and exclusive song inspired by your love story.

Image Credits: Wedding Harmony

Wedding Harmony

Live band rates start from S$1,988

See more of their portfolio here.

2. Merry Bees Live Music

Live music is often made memorable by the stunning vocals of the performers, and Merry Bees Live Music is no exception. Not only are they popular in the pop/jazz circuit in Singapore, the team with their diverse experience and strengths can creatively perform and deliver on any stage, be it at intimate celebrations or grand weddings. With a strong team of singers and musicians, Merry Bees is also well-versed in personalising their talents and service for any event with their music! 

Image Credits: Merry Bees Live Music

Merry Bees Live Music

Live band rates start from S$900

See more of their portfolio here.

3. Wedding Buddies

Weddings are such joyous occasions and music is very much the backbone of the memorable event! With Wedding Buddies  you get reliable and talented performers to entertain and wow your guests. Whether you love classical songs or another genre, you can count on them to thoroughly deliver–in multiple languages, no less! Depending on your wedding venue, a live band works great for smaller spaces and still sound great in larger arenas. Let Wedding Buddies serenade you and your guests to a romantic destination on your special day. 

Image Credits: Wedding Buddies

Wedding Buddies

Live band rates start from S$988

See more of their portfolio here.


4. Vocalise

With DJs, you get a greater variety of songs for any couple's personal taste and atmosphere at your wedding day! Your guests will never get a dull moment at your wedding with the musical line-up Vocalise sets up for their clients! Not only will your guests remember your wedding for the fun entertainment, they might break into song and dance too! 

If you prefer the live band option instead, Vocalise can also deliver high quality musicians from an array of genres–pop, rock, jazz and classical, just to name a few! You and your guests will be purely entertained for the rest of the ceremony!

Image Credits: Vocalise


Live band rates start from S$1,800

DJ rates start from $800

See more of their portfolio here.

5. DJ Danceman

If you're a fun-loving couple who embraces the moments, don't let your wedding hold you back! Get your wedding guests to their feet and on the dance floor when you engage DJ Danceman  Not only will this make your wedding stand out from the other weddings your guests have attended, it will also be the highlight of your wedding; you can get to flaunt those dance practices and have fun! DJ Danceman also offers state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems, in addition to their personal selection of a playlist for every segment of your wedding–from the reception and the walk-in, to the food courses and the in-betweens. 

Image Credits: DJ Danceman

DJ Danceman

DJ rates start from S$1,088

See more of their portfolio here.


Set to impress your guests when you engage VETTA for your solemnisation ceremony or wedding celebrations as they bring their quality live music entertainment and experienced emcee services to your wedding. With their flagship String Quartet and Harp, Piano, String ensemble, as well as their dedicated emcee services, you'll be spoilt for choice between the main entertainment of the evening. Let the music from their live band serenade your guests during the wedding, and let the emcee take the charge as master of ceremonies to lead your special day. Your guests will greatly appreciate the sophisticated live music performances, as well as the emcee entertainment!

Image Credits: VETTA


Live band rates start from S$350

Emcee rates start from $600

See more of their portfolio here.

7. A Little Dream

What's a wedding without live music, song requests, and dedications? Be entertained while impressing your wedding guests with the quality of A Little Dream's singers and musicians at your wedding. They deliver desired repertoire of music, as well as make you and your guests' enjoyment their top priority, easily handling the daunting task of entertainment for the wedding! Their emcee services can also set your mind at ease with easier coordination, flexibility, and personalisation.

Image Credits: A Little Dream

A Little Dream

Live band rates start from S$780

Emcee rates start from $450

See more of their portfolio here.

8. Glittering Carousel Live Music

If you want the full works for your wedding day, then Glittering Carousel Live Music with its suite of entertainment services is the one-stop provider you need. Their team of experienced music professionals, from vocals and musicians to emcees and DJs, deliver sincere and personal live performances at every wedding and event. With this multi-talented team to helm your wedding entertainment's front, you can be rest assured that you have one (or two or three!) thing less to stress about on your special day.

Image Credits: Glittering Carousel Live Music

Glittering Carousel Live Music

Live band rates start from S$988

DJ rates start from $400

Emcee rates start from $688

See more of their portfolio here.

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