Finding Your Bridal Studio: Should You Choose Between All-in Package or À la carte Bespoke Gown Service?

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Planning for a wedding is definitely not an easy task. Leading up to your big day, there will be many things that will need your extra attention and coordination. As according to our 12-month wedding planning checklist for bride and groom, there are is a long list of things to be done prior to your very big day. It is recommended that brides should start shortlisting for their bridal studios 12 months prior to their wedding. Every bride has a dream to be donned in the perfect wedding dress but where should she start? This is when couples will need to come to a conclusion, whether to opt for a bridal studio that provides an all-in package or the Á la carte option.

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If you are a couple that prefers convenient, then the all-in package deals might be the one for you, as you just have to choose from a list of lovely options provided by them. You could let your hair down as you let the Bridal Studio will worry about the rest of the details. On the other hand, if you want to take a more do-it-yourself approach and enjoy dealing with the nitty gritty details for your wedding then go for the Á la carte ones. Still sitting on the fence deciding between these two options? Do not stress yourself out as we are going to break down the pros and cons of each in hope for you to be able to make a decision before you start zeroing down on the details and planning of your big day.

All-Inclusive Wedding Package



You get a lot for your money, in an all-inclusive wedding package; you get a lot of side services that come along with the package. A typical package for a bridal studio comes with full-course services which include bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, suits, makeup artist, florist, pre-wedding photography, and videography. As such, that is a lot of inclusions at a fixed price, oh what a deal!

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Lesser Stress

Who wouldn’t want to have a stress-free wedding planning process? In some cases, the stress and signs of hectic might show up on your face and you certainly do not want it to happen. This is where all-inclusive wedding package comes to your rescue. With their service, you will have lesser stress during your wedding preparation because most of the things will be taken care of. Apart from being able to choose from their offerings, the coordinator from the bridal studio will be able to answer all your queries and take care of everything as planned. Simply follow their guidelines and negotiate with them and nothing will go wrong.

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Time-Saving, Time Efficient

Procrastinate and you shall suffer the consequences of having too much on hand towards the last leg of your wedding. Package weddings can be planned relatively quickly since most of the professionals already have the materials readily available. All-in packages help you save a significant amount of time and this works exceptionally well for busy couples who have to juggle their wedding planning and busy career at the same time. When you are both super busy and you are not left with a lot of free time to prepare for your wedding, choosing the package option will surely ease your entire wedding planning woes.

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Little Room For Customization

For all-inclusive wedding package offered by bridal studios, you might be tied down to the services that are readily available and that they do not allow much room for flexibility. Most often, they might not allow couples to add or delete items in order to suit their desire. What happens when you like the package in general but notice that a particular service does not fit your wedding? Well, further negotiation might allow you to delete your undesired items but truth to be told, the package will not look as attractive anymore and little cost saving would be done. In such cases, the package you deemed worthwhile might not be as worthwhile anymore. Hence, for cases like this, compromise is key.

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Difficult to be Unique

Many couples dream of having a wedding that they can totally call it their own, however, packaged weddings as mentioned are not customized or personalized in any way because of the readily-made package prepared by the bridal studio. Hence, your wedding gowns, look and your pre-wedding shoots might be similar to other couples’. No matter the case, your wedding will still be great as you and your better half will share these beautiful moments as you walk with each other for the rest of your life.

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Cost saving but still the need to be cautious  

Despite how cost saving an all-in wedding package provided by bridal studios is, you will need to beware of hidden charges that come along with some of the package. If bridal studio allows couples to customize and change their own wedding package, it might require additional charges. With all the changes in mind, the package that you deemed cost saving might not be the case so do be extra careful about that lest you get a shock of your life when you receive your service invoice.

Á La Carte


Personalization of gowns and bridesmaids’ dresses

Á la Carte gown ateliers allow couples to build their own desires and customize their dream wedding gowns and dresses accordingly. For couples who are looking into having your own bespoke gowns or suits and wants the emphasis on quality and personalized service, the Á la Carte gown atelier is the way to go. Every single detail of the wedding gowns can be chosen to make a statement for the bride on her big day. A personalized wedding gown can be the thing any bride could ever dream of that helps exude the confidence and elegance. Taking everything into your own hands, your wedding gown can fit you better, accentuating your lovely figure.

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Ability to exercise flexibility coupled with attention and quality of work

With the bespoke wedding gowns atelier, you will be able to exercise flexibility. Think you would like to bling up your wedding dress? Think you want to add in designer details on your wedding dress? Well, the artisan seamstresses know exactly what you want and would help you in your journey to having the ideal wedding gown. Designers from the bespoke ateliers will provide you with the attention and guarantee you the quality of their own work. If you cannot say yes to an off the rack wedding dress, then a bespoke gown is the way to go!
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Perfect for the perfectionists

For couples who are perfectionists and have an eye for detail, going for the Á la Carte option is the perfect way to kick start your life as a married couple. As it is a once-in-a-lifetime affair and some couples prefer to spend more time to plan every matrimonial detail, down to the details on your sequin wedding dress. You want everything of your wedding to fit you and your better half to a T, then you are probably in for a fruitful journey of planning for your own Á la Carte wedding.

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Not as friendly on the pocket

As compared to an all-inclusive package provided by bridal studios, a bespoke wedding gown is definitely more costly. As bespoke gown ateliers only specialize in one service, you will definitely have to pay for each service separately. Bespoke gown ateliers could personalize their service and designs for each couple in order to add a tinge of uniqueness for each nuptial, but definitely, the special designs you ask for comes with a price tag. Sometimes, the services can push your budget to its limit but of course, they are sure to worth every penny spent with the flawless quality and service. 

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Looking for the ideal bespoke wedding gown atelier takes time, a lot of it to tell the truth. If you are opting for the bespoke wedding gown option, you would have to look for your own makeup artist, florist, pre-wedding photographer, and videographer. For the list of vendors and sources you use, you will need to arrange with each one individually. This actually excludes the time and effort you took before you decide on the actual bespoke gown service provider that you want to hire. With these, a lot of planning will need to take place way earlier allowing for more buffer time. You will also need to ensure that the schedule accommodates for each other and that they fit perfectly.

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High stress level

With the planning of every nitty gritty detail comes along more work, which means more stress. You will have to start planning from scratch, from conceptualization of your wedding to compiling of ideas to managing your different vendors and timelines. With that, you are definitely the one responsible for keeping everything on track. Do ask for a helping hand from your family and also your dependable bridesmaids or groomsmen in order to keep stress at the bay.

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At the end of the day, a wedding is a day, a once-in-a-lifetime affair but your marriage is a lifetime journey. You will have to choose the one that you are more willing to spend time, energy and money on. Regardless, Hitcheed is a one-stop wedding planning platform that offers the best of both worlds. You could choose from bridal studios that offer full fledge service and for those that are looking for individualized service, we also have various bespoke gown ateliers. Hitcheed will be here to help match your preference and expectations as we provide you with exclusive cash rebates. Take your pick and enjoy one of the most joyous moments in life together with your better half.

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