Hitcheed's First Ever Meet & Greet Session -- SUCCESS!

Reception and Venues

With more than 300 wedding professionals listed on our platform, we have come a long way ever since our start in September 2016. With great anticipation, Hitcheed moved from online to offline, helping to connect wedding professionals with couples who are getting married. 

We are proud to have our first Meet & Greet Session at Alcove at Caldwell House, Chijmes, on last Saturday, 22 July 2017. The response was overwhelming as more than 50 couples turned up to interact with our wedding professionals. Our valued guests got to meet and check out the various services provided by our award-winning photographers, and videographers, experienced makeup artists, event stylists, florists, pâtissier and barista. Despite the short five-hour session, the Meet & Greet Session was a great success with over 20 business deals clinched by our wedding professionals, amounting up to a whopping sum of more than $40,000.  

Nestled in a corner of Chijmes, Alcove at Caldwell House is the ideal venue for your ideal intimate event. It was a pleasant Saturday morning as our team welcomed the guests for the Meet & Greet Session. Each and every services and packages provided by our wedding professionals were tailored for the needs of the wedding couples. Highlights of our Meet & Greet Session include various other services provided by our wedding professionals. Guests were able to savor the delectable spread of dessert table intricately set up by Baker V and also sip on the aromatic coffee freshly brewed by Alchemist Coffee. Couples also had their photos taken for keepsake at the fun and interactive photo booth of The Story Box Co. 

Be it finding your ideal wedding photographer, videographer, makeup artist or event stylist, the Meet & Greet Session provided an offline platform for invited wedding couples to interact with the wedding professionals in a relaxed atmosphere. On top of that, couples were able to enjoy exclusive cash rebates, totally the best of both worlds!

Intimate Neo-Classical Style Wedding Venue -- Alcove at Caldwell House, Chijmes

We are fortunate to have our first wedding event at the magnificent Alcove at Caldwell House, Chijmes. It was definitely the place to be for us to hold such an intimate event, allowing us to interact with our wedding professionals and guest couples.

With its unique semi-circular exterior and large Doric columns supporting a vaulted timber ceiling, Alcove at Caldwell House is well furnished and the perfect venue to house more than 100 guests, making it an ideal location for your corporate or wedding events. Situated in the gothic building of Chijmes, this unique space is ideal for intimate celebrations. The carpeted aisle leads you into the divine space filled with pristine white walls and neoclassical windows. As the sunlight fills up the enclosed venue, it will leave you in awe with its openness and beauty. Within the venue itself, there is a comfortable suite that is meticulously prepared by the Watabe Wedding team for the bride and groom, which you can use it for makeup and changing or even as a quiet sanctuary.

For your ideal intimate weddings, Caldwell House is definitely the perfect wedding venue for you. Coupled with the professional planning services of Watabe Wedding, you can ensure a memorable and stress-free once-in-a-lifetime experience. Wish to say “I Do” in such a mesmerizing venue? Stay connected with Watabe Wedding to have Alcove at Caldwell House as your wedding or solemnization venue, you can contact the team here for more information. The Watabe Wedding team would be willing to assist you for your best wedding planning experience.

More Meet & Greet Sessions For Your Anticipation

As we conclude our first ever Meet & Greet Session last Saturday, we thank all of our guest couples, wedding professionals and Watabe Wedding for your enormous support on the day. As we work hard and aim to become a stronger wedding professional platform, we ask for you to anticipate more of such Meet & Greet Sessions in the near future.

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