Top 9 Wedding Flowers And What They Mean

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You’ve decided on your wedding theme, your dresses, the song to your first dance, and tasted what seemed like 50 different types of cakes that could probably give you a week-long tummy ache. And now, you just need to complete the picture with… flowers.


Those delicate, vibrant, graceful bundles that would surely make any day a better one. An essential to any bride’s outfit, a symbol of your love and the start of a new life together as a married couple. But rather than just to prettify your wedding, there are great meanings behind flowers that might just help you with your decision-making process.

1. Lily

The ever so popular lily is covered in pure elegance and grandeur. It is the symbol of purity and fertility, with its huge yet delicate petals accentuating your wedding with strong yet gentle tones. The lily is also often described as a fashionable flower, showing off its curves and courageous style of the petals while honestly exposing what they hold inside.

Image Credit: Fairy Florals

2. Peony

A truly significant flower in the Chinese culture, the peony signifies great honour and respect. It is frequently displayed in traditional and religious events, symbolising wealth and prosperity. The flower comes in thick, lavish layers that is rich in its appeal to the romantics. It is believed that the peony will shower your marriage with an abundance of wealth and happiness.                                                                                                                                                                     Image Credit: Charlotte Puxley

3. Rose

A love story’s classic. A beaut with thorns. Approach recklessly and you’ll get hurt. The rose has been used in many classic love stories such as Beauty and the Beast, and is even associated with the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. The flower holds great passion and everlasting love, perfect for any fairy tale love story.

Image Credit: Flower CoutureImage Credit: Liz Florals

4. Freesia

Vibrant and graceful, the freesia represents trust and loyalty. It is known for its exotic citrus-y fragrance which is often used in many cosmetic products and scented candles. If not to brighten up your wedding, the freesia will make you enter and leave your wedding smelling like sweet summer.Image Credit: Fairy FloralImage Credit: Flower CoutureImage Credit: Poppy Floral Studio

5. Hydrangea

Growing in abundance, the hydrangea is a flower that carries a lot of meaning. Originated from Japan, it represents selflessness and honesty in a relationship as well as grace and prosperity. It conveys your innermost feelings and devotion to the one you love. The flower also emphasises deep commitment and loyalty in your marriage.

Image Credit: Spellbound Group Pte Ltd

6. Baby’s Breath

These tiny bundles of joy are a perfect testament to the phrase ‘Size does not matter’. The name itself proves that it is purity at its best, soft and delicate as the breath of a baby. Signifying innocence and everlasting love, they can be found mostly in white, although some varieties might present themselves in more colours. They are a humble show of affection if you’re looking for a simpler, modest theme.

Image Credit: Inside The Knot

Image Credit: Fleur Boutique

7. Gardenia

In Victorian times, the gardenia is often used to ‘deliver’ your feelings to the person you fancy without revealing your identity. At weddings, the gardenia symbolises hopes and dreams for your upcoming marriage. Apart from being an illustration of your affection in its great white beauty, the flower can also be found in many medicinal products, and also in aromatherapy to heal your mind and body.

Image Credit: Inside The Knot

8. Tulip

Long and slender, tulips would be the perfect addition to your wedding if you’re looking to hold a vibrant, colourful theme. The summer flower is not only a joy to look at, but it also embodies a beautiful depiction of eternal love. And since it’s literally summer all year long in Singapore, it’s all the more reason to incorporate tulips into your wedding in all its graceful glory.

Image Credit: Fleur Boutique

9. Orchids

Fanning out delicately, the orchid is definitely a unique flower in appearance. Representing strength, love, and compassion, the orchid would make a pleasant and meaningful addition to your wedding setup. If you would like to make a bold statement on your big day, then the orchid is definitely one to consider.

Image Credit: Elly Floral Artistry

With this guide, make sure that you pick out the right floral arrangements for your wedding to convey the right meaning. But then again, we have no doubt that whatever flowers you pick, it’s going to be an extraordinarily beautiful event!

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