Unique Photoshoot Themes That Shout #Goals!

Photoshoot/Videoshoot Ideas

On your magical journey together, you want to celebrate the start of a life together with the love of your life. Picking a photoshoot theme can be tricky. How can you choose a theme that best reflects the both of you? How do you set your wedding apart from other traditional white and black themed ceremonies? How best can you display you and your partner’s eccentric and creative inclinations?

Here are some photoshoot themes that shout #goals, where creativity, love and fun comes together to best show the world who you are.

Where You First Met

How better to immortalize the place you first met than to hold your wedding photoshoot there? Relive the days of puppy love, how you met, your first kiss and the moment you fell in love. Even don your old uniforms and hold onto these memories forever. Go back to the place you fell in love, and your photoshoot location will be both a memory closest to your heart, more beautiful than any scenic backdrop in the world.

(Image Credits: Knottin Visuals)

(Image Credits: Alex Goh Photography)

Straight Out of Your Favorite Movie

If both you and your partner are film aficionados, let your photoshoot look like it came straight out of your favorite Wong Kar Wai movie! Role-play as your favourite on-screen couple and be the leads of your very own romance. For this, you’re sure to win the Best leading actor and actress award. Your photoshoot will definitely stand out, and it can forever remain a private memory and meaning that the two of you can keep close to your heart.

(Image Credits: 50nFifty Productions)

Go Traditional

Go traditional with your photoshoot and bring your very own fresh new twist into traditional bridal wear in your photoshoot! Embrace and be proud of your culture by showing off to the world how beautiful you look. Take this once-in-a-lifetime chance to make your traditional relatives marvel at your creativity and look on in envy!

(Image Credits: Click! Photography)

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