Wedding Style Hacks for Everyone

Ideas We Love

Where do you begin? There are classic styles, trending styles, minimalistic styles etc etc. It’s endless. It’s not easy, and sometimes you just need a little nudge in the right direction or a little inspiration to get you going. So we’ve put together a little bit of the best from the most popular wedding choices, and came up with this article to help you get started.

Trending Styles

What colours is 2018 raving about? What styles? Last year, it was subtle metallic hues that dominated the wedding trends, and this year we’re seeing many couples opt for unexpected pops of colour in their wedding decor. If you’re the kind to turn away from traditional wedding themes and wish to flaunt some of your uniqueness through your wedding decorations, your inner fashionista might want to keep an eye on the blooming trends!

Expect to see many funky pops of colour, like an ultra violet plate (the Pantone colour of the year!), a stunning multi-coloured bouquet, or even crystal and agate coasters and nameplates!

Bridal Hairstyles

Guys have it easy. Gelled up, or down. And that’s pretty much it. For ladies however, the very hairstyle you choose to have can have a huge impact on how you look! It can complement your facial shape, augment your best features, or even be your only chance to go all out and look as “extra” as you can!

We know it can be hard to decide. So here are a few best floral and timeless updo hairstyles you might consider sporting that you can never go wrong with.

Themed Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Now it gets even harder. What should you choose to let your best friends in the whole world wear on your big day. It might seem impossible. Does the perfect style exist, that can accent the wedding theme, not steal your limelight, and make your friends look stunning at the same time? We say yes. But we know, pics or it didn’t happen. So here are some classic bridesmaids and groomsmen styles that is timeless, classic and can’t go wrong. Muted colours, consistent, and beautiful.


Flowers. Need we say more? Centrepieces, bouquets, corsage, and decorations. Flowers do almost everything without having to do anything at the same time. If you’re indecisive or don’t have the knack for designing your own wedding decorations, trust us when we say that flowers are the way to go. They are basically the life hack of weddings.

You want a rustic wedding? Check. A lush, green, easy-on-the-eye theme? Check. Ethereal, magical and breathtaking? Check, check and check.


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