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Intimate moments. Beautiful details. Joyous celebrations. Solemn ceremonies.

The award winning photographers at 39 East believe that each and every wedding is different. Photographing every wedding in an unobtrusive manner to reflect each couple's uniqueness is the trademark of images created by 39 East.

Besides capturing moments, the photographers’ style is defined by beautiful images with simple compositions. Images that couples would love to hang on their walls as fine art. Images which will bring couples a lifetime of joy and memories.

Actual: SGD4,000

Location: Singapore

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We were so glad to have met Eng Hong (39 East) and have him shoot our pre-wedding and actual wedding day photos. Beyond the amazing photos from him, we were fortunate to know him better as a great friend. Throughout the many hours we spent with Eng Hong, especially during the San Francisco overseas shoot, we had a great time and enjoyed Eng Hong's company. This made our wedding shoot smooth-sailing, natural, and comfortable, and totally worth the long journey. We love Eng Hong's photography style. His documentary style shoot suited our personalities, and Eng Hong was amazing at capturing the right shots at the right moments. Every shot was painless and quick, allowing us to thoroughly enjoy the shoot. We were always impressed with how the photos turned out, as they natually convey the emotions and scenic beauty through positioning and colour. The photo video montage created for each shoot was also professionally done up, with great choice of synchronised song pairing, and the videos turned out to be touching and inspiring. To us, the photos and videos served as priceless memories, and we never fail to be amazed every time we re-watched the montage. Thanks Eng Hong for making our big day an eternal one. We are glad to know Eng Hong as a friend and we definitely recommend Eng Hong from 39 East for wedding day and pre-wedding photography.


Timothy Chia

Eng Hong from 39 East Photography was our appointed wedding photographer and he sure delivered the goods! When we first met him for a face-to-face chat to better understand his work and to get to know him better, we were instantly impressed with his superlative body of work and while we were first interested in appointing him because of his fantastic portfolio that we had seen online, it was really his professionalism and quiet confidence that he exuded in person that clinched the deal. He answered all our queries and put us both at ease with his pleasantly humble yet professional demeanor. This same attitude was apparent throughout the entire process of working with him; from the pre-wedding prep and brief to the actual day's shoot. Eng Hong is an expert in communication and always made sure that he was briefed clearly on exactly which moments absolutely had to be photographed. He also proactively suggested loads of poses and shots that he felt would make the whole day's shoot even better when the big day came. He was both tireless and professional at all times, always making sure that he gave clear direction when needed and becoming almost invisible for the tricky shots that called for such stealth. Eng Hong is also an extremely fast worker, he put together a slideshow of photos after Day 1 (and Night!) of our wedding by the morning of Day 2 the following day so that we could show the attendees at Day 2 what had transpired the day and night before. Of course, with his ability to plan well (which clearly demonstrates his professionalism), Eng Hong made sure beforehand that we had supplied him with a slideshow soundtrack that we liked and that he knew would work. Most of all, my wife and I are still thoroughly impressed that Eng Hong managed to capture the entire day's proceedings as a "1 man show"! Most other wedding photographers that we have witnessed in action have been part of 2 or 3 men teams and they have seldom managed to produce work of the same caliber as Eng Hong's. We remain humbled, thankful and blessed by the work that Eng Hong has done as our wedding photographer and we can say with full confidence that he will not only deliver but also exceed the expectations of any other couple that appoints him as their wedding photographer.