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We have a confession to make: we're not filmmakers. We're storytellers. Film is just a medium. As a painter masters the brush and colours, we master light and motion. We master the moment, the search for emotions which best tell your story. But beneath every shot lies intention and purpose. The cradle of beauty is story. We want to build every wedding film around who you are as people and as a couple. Layered on top are the little moments: the interactions with your family, your friends - the people who've made you who you are. They're a part of your story too. Every story is different because of the people in it, which is why our films are never the same. And like every great story, we want ours to last. While our films are always different, our constant is intention. Our hope is that the images we create will be memories for you to relive for years to come. We want our films to be timeless, never out of season. Immortal.
6 Ubi Rd 1, #05-13 Wintech Centre, Singapore 408726

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