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I am an English speaking wedding and engagement photographer in Paris, France. I am originally from Ireland, based in Paris but working all over, from the South of France, to Ireland and even as far as Mexico if needed. I love destination weddings also!My approach is photojournalistic in style and manner, unobtrusive and quiet with a touch of romantic styling. I believe in capturing the joy and beauty of your day with minimum interference. I look for the smiles, the elation, the dancing, the subtle glances, the proud parents and the special little details that make your day as unique as you both are. I gather all these special and intimate moments to help tell the story of what makes you an amazing couple. I was born and raised in Ireland with a predominately equestrian background, my love for horses dominating from an early age. Later, I realised my other love, photography, and after a period of simply just dreaming of it I decided to take the plunge and enrolled in a Masters of Photography course at Speos Photographic Institute in the most romantic city in the world, Paris, and I never looked back.
Paris, France

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Catherine O'Hara (Europe)

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