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Collaboration Tea provides tea tagged with inspirational quotes for a meaningful and unique wedding favor! Easy to drink, with a range of fruity, floral and interesting blends (that smell oh so good!), we make sure each pyramid tea bag is filled with premium loose leaves that provide a full flavor for a regular mug, with more than on steep per tea bag! More importantly, our wedding poches are fully customizable; perfect for any theme, these gifts serve as a unique memorable gift for your important guests to bring home. Use your pre-wedding picture, draw a caricature, pick your favorite quote or image, follow the design of your wedding invite or customize it completely to your theme - let your imagination soar! Compared with the usual boring wedding favors we all receive; we believe that these customized tea poches that inspire your guests, will definitely be a boost!We trust that our Collaboration Tea poches will enhance your wedding experience and they look great on pictures too! Let our special wedding favor serve as a reminder of your wonderful big day!

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Collaboration Tea

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