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Wedding photography is more than just a job to Hong Ray, the man behind Hong Ray Photography; it's a dream come true every time he is able to capture these emotionally stirring moments. After all, when the last drop of champagne has been drunk and all your guests have gone home, the only thing you and your beloved have to remember this once-in-a-lifetime event by are the pictures. This is why Hong Ray does what he does - he wants to give couples the gift of beautiful memories.

Pre-Wed: SGD1,600 / Actual Day: SGD2,400 / Overseas: SGD2,300

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Ooi Ee Ning

My husband and I got to know about Hong Rui through my husband's friend as he was the wedding photographer for her wedding. We really liked how natural and soft/dreamy his photographs looked and we knew that he was the guy we wanted to engage as our AD photographer. He captures the essence of the event extremely well and all our friends and family loved the pictures he took. :) During the AD, we did not have to worry about the photography at all, as we left everything into his hands and to just let him do what he does best. My husband and I are really awkward in front of cameras but the photos which he took made us look otherwise hahaha. I suppose our ages being relatively near each other made it easier for us to communicate with him as well! Hong Rui is definitely passionate about his work, remains humble and takes it upon himself to improve his skills further. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for a photographer for their events :) Thank you for helping us capture the beautiful moments during our big day Hong Rui! ^^


Debby Tjoe

I found Hong ray through a recommendation in facebook. When i saw his pictures, i just couldnt stop myself from looking at them. I love the color and warmth in it. As i saw my wedding pictures, i felt that he stopped those moments in a picture, and they are just so genuine and beautiful. What impressed me the most was how much effort he put into our only 3 hours session. It felt like we were his first customer 😆 My friend who drove us during the wedding day even commented, "wah, first time i saw a photographer leaves last". Hong ray brought a lot of fairy lights and he set it up on his own. So after we were done, he still need to clear up everything by himself. Overall, i'd say he's one of the best decision i made for my wedding! Will totally recommend him!!


Satveer Kaur

Hong Ray had the very challenging task of shooting my Sikh wedding over 3 consecutive days, with back to back events on some days. He was very professional and worked through the days, without taking a break a lot of the time. We are all extremely impressed with the outcome. He captured all of our special moments so beautifully. If you are looking for a photographer that is able to capture special and magical moments candidly and if you love portrait shots, he is your guy. Creative, talented, humble and very hardworking, Hong Ray was definitely the right choice for our wedding. He is also extremely easy to work with. Our photos are an illustration of the memories my family and I shared. I would highly recommend Hong Ray Photography to anyone planning to tie the knot.


Yvonne Lim Zhiwen

We chose Hong Ray as our wedding photog because his photos had a good heartwarming vibe to it. And it was a choice well made- the photos were stunning! Professionalism aside, I believe it was also because of his jovial & happy personality that he was able to draw out the best moods from us. Lots of fun and laughter working with him. highly recommend!


Joey Kuo Tzu Jye

Hong Ray was very professional during our photo taking session. Even prepared drinks for us in case we're thirsty, in our adventurous journey for rustic and 'abandoned' shooting locations. Really appreciate his photo taking instructions/directions that made us feel comfortable being ourselves throughout the shoot. Would definitely recommend his service to anyone who's looking for a professional photographer for any event. Thanks again Hong Ray!