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Every love story should be inspiring. Every love story should be fairy-tale like. We make each a memorable one of its own. Love Story - Dreams come true.
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Joanne Tan Huishan

We met Love Story Wedding Boutique at hitcheed wedding fair some time in 2018, and decided to sign with them because of their patience and professionalism in explaining their packages to us. Unlike most other vendors, they were very upfront with their costs and do not try to hard sell or talk you into making a rushed decision. Their prices were also very reasonable and their gown designs were beautiful. However, the team we worked with was different from the team that we engaged with at the fair. We had a fair share of miscommunications and issues with the team we worked with. To provide a fair review, I’ll summarise them into the Good’s and the Bad’s Good: - The main lady we worked with, Tingting, is a lovely lady who would go out of the way to ensure that our dream outfits can be realised. She is always very patient and has a really good eye/ taste in picking out gowns for me to try. - I also did a made to measure gown with them, the quality of the gowns is amazing, especially since I get to be the first wearer of it. All their gowns are also very stylish and the designs were very up to date in terms of trends, and what’s hot etc. - The make up artist Haiyan is also a very nice lady, who took the time to listen and actually remember the little details that I requested for, to ensure that I manage to get the look that I wanted on my big day. Bad: - The team at love story wedding seems to be perpetually overloaded in terms of workload. The would promised me deadlines that they could not meet, which is really not helpful in the whole process of wedding planning when I already have many other schedules and things to take care of. - They are not very good at communicating over the phone. Over the course of working with them (granted that I had a made to measure gown), we actually visited the boutique 7-8 times I think, just to get everything sorted out. - I think their in-house AD Photographers could be better. We ended up not cancelling their photography services after learning that my top 3 choices were not available, simple because the rest of the photographers just didn’t capture good enough photos. - I think the MUA’s hairstyling could be improved. At my request, she helped me to don a tiara for my wedding, but the tiara did not stay in place and slipped back (it was sadly not visible in many photos) I had to add bobby pins on it myself to Ensure it wouldn’t fall off before the solemnisation ceremony. In summary, love story wedding’s forte I would say is in their amazing, stylish and high quality gowns. For brides who have very specific gown ideas in mind, who are very on the ball and very prepared to frequently liaise with them to Ensure that the work is going along, I would actually highly recommend that you check out love story wedding to realise your dream wedding gown.

Imari Richard

I met this vendor at Suntec Hall fair. I chose to have a prewedding shoot with them because they are flexible and tried their best to meet my Budget as much as possible. They have a close in touch with us although our project is only in 2020. I would definitely recommend this to others coz they do not only sell a package but they build up a relationship that can discuss our idea freely and in open manner. Thank you, love story.

Carrin Koh

Chanced upon Love Story Wedding Boutique through hitched wedding wonderland .The overall experience is satisfactory. I would say the coordinator is quite helpful and friendly.

Rachel Yeo

Signed up with them because of their attractive package. Their studio and fitting room is spacious unlike other bridal boutique that I have seen. The coordinator does not overbook appointment for gown trying and was patient throughout the gown selection. I was able to try a lot of gowns without being rushed. Gowns variety especially evening gowns and those who preferred mermaid style may not be as wide when compared with other established boutique. But overall it was a good experience as the coordinator is patient in answering our questions and ensure things are taken care of.

Sheng Kang Peh

Professional in their delivery of service. Staff is friendly and approachable. I met them during the hitcheed event. We chose them as my fiance loves their wedding dress. I felt that they can improve by giving us more dates to select on the day to take our wedding photos and not tell us in a short notice that our desired make up artist and photographer will not be around.

Charlotte Seet

Engaged love story for my local pws, ad gowns and accessories (car decor, bouquet, corsages). For my local pws, we had their main pg called Lim. He was very professional and would be able to guide couples on poses and venues to take your outdoor shoot if you need suggestions. As I already had an overseas pws done, I wanted to have more options for indoor setting instead and their studio was really splendid in that aspect. There were a lot of different backgrounds and props available to create a different look. They would also try their best to listen to what we want and create a similar effect to our requests. The pws photos turned out very pretty and we had a hard time choosing. Do note that the photo department sales will try to get you to buy more, stay firm as they can become abit pushy if you don’t intend to spend past your Budget. Gowns wise love story has many princess gowns. They also have more and more options of mermaid gowns in their recent collections which are really pretty. No issues finding suitable dresses for my pws. For my ad, I did a customised dress and was really happy with their designer. He was able to understand my requirements and make the dress I wanted to my expectations. He was also very keen to recommend and give his suggestions and would also listen to your requests. Was really glad that the gown turned out very beautiful.

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