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A freelance makeup artist, with more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Melissa has the ability to enhance the natural beauty of a face. She loves the expression, freedom, and possibilities that makeup provides from creating a complete transformation to pure and simple beauty. Melissa creates highly clean and minimal looks to the more extreme and dramatic. Her attention to detail keeps the results flawless. With an astute level of aestheticism and understanding of the creative process, makes her a vital component to a photo shoot. 

Melissa's works can be seen on the pages of NuYou, Style, HerWorld, Female, HerWorld Brides, Designare, L'Officiel, Icon, Men's Folio, Prestige/PIN, August Man and etc. 

Melissa is constantly seeking for new opportunities to bring her skills and creativity to a higher level. She is available for bridal hair and makeup, commercial shoots, editorial shoots, events, personal and corporate workshops.

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