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Odelia provides a wide range of designer gowns designed by our very own designers. Our designers get their inspiration from a wide range of sources; therefore we are happy to announce that each bridal gown they design is a masterpiece!

We believe that every bride has their own unique style and our goal is to help you find your dream gown. From the first thread to the final touch, Odelia Bridal is here to make your dream gown come true. No detail is too small for us. We also believe in providing you with excellent service as we know how important it is for your wedding to be perfect. We look forward to making your dream wedding come true because seeing customers walk out of Odelia Bridal with a smile on their face is what inspires us. Keeping our customers happy is of utmost importance to us. Remember, here at Odelia Bridal, You Deserve A Perfect Wedding. 

Opening Hours:

Daily from 12.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

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