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PastryDen Singapore - a perfect marriage of visual design and exciting, quality desserts. 

We are a homegrown dessert table and pastry catering company based in Singapore. We source hard for the very best of traditional and modern desserts locally and around the world, thereafter, bringing them together into one stylish designed dessert table specially crafted for you. Our handpicked cakes and pastries are perfect for a special occasion or as an everyday treat!

Since our inception in 2014, we have taken that a step further by streamlining our choice of partnered kitchens to introduce Halal desserts to our Muslim friends, meanwhile, emphasizing on our specially crafted desserts to upkeep a richness of taste and flavor. 

Quality desserts are our trademark, the statement is also true for the visual feast when placed alongside with our dessert table. A dessert table from PastryDen satisfies more than just your palate, it is a complete experience of sensory enjoyment that creates lasting memories beyond the last piece of perfectly placed macaron.

Location: Singapore

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