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Meet J. Lim Edgar, otherwise known as "Jit" to many - the brains and designer behind Silverlining Bridal Couture. Born out of his passion of illustration and fashion design, now hugely popular, he has a large following through word of mouth. Jit elaborates, "It is always a wonderful and positive experience here with all the wedding couples." Jit always had a flair for design, especially fashion design, ever since his younger days.

"Weddings have always meant something special and memorable for me." Jit gushes. "For a once in a lifetime affair like that, what the bride wears should also be something equally special and memorable. That is why I chose to infuse fashion design into bridal wear that best fit within their theme - so my brides can walk down the aisle in her best."

If Jit's zeal and passion to dress you in your dream gown is not enough to convince you, his nearly a decade's experience in fulfilling the dreams of countless brides should be enough for you to entrust him with the task of designing the most important piece of  clothing you'd ever wear. 

Jit has since introduced an equally popular line of elegant evening gowns, wedding gowns and cheongsams, both made to measure and off the rack - a collection of couture designs that are available exclusively. If you are unsure about what looks best on a gown or are torn between two or more silhouettes, Jit is more than happy to advise you on the most flattering silhouette and style for you based on your wedding theme. 

Jit not only specializes in low back gown accentuating on every female's feminine curves, but also for plus size brides upon request on many occasions. His works can be seen balancing modern designs with traditional elegance with the use of french corded and chantilly laces. Jit not only focus on the bride-to-be but he also take care of the groom-to-be as well, giving the best attention and advice on what's best for them on their big day for their suit designs.

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Silverlining Bridal Couture

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I had a bespoke gown and tea dress made, while my husband had a 3-piece suit made. Jit had helped us design and create the most perfect pieces, even more beautiful than what I had expected. He was always very helpful, for example giving us impeccable styling ideas and helping us get bouquets that matched our attires for the prewed shoot and actual day perfectly. Would definitely recommend Silverlining :)


Camelia Lee

Jit is such a friendly and easy-going person. He patiently explained the various types of materials, styles etc at the first appointment (when we were in the "shopping around stage") and when we confirmed him as our designer, he was such a pleasant person to work with. he would answer my all questions via sms/email (even seemingly mundane ones like what colour and style my shoes should be!) and help with items that are not provided in the package (such as last min requests for fresh flowers for the hair). I think what Silver Lining provided was a very personalised service and Jit really paid attention to us, and designed the gowns to what i really wanted.


Wendalyn Tay

Jit was the person whom my hubby and I were introduced to and he was the professional who walked us through our wedding couture experience. Jit was not at all pushy and, is very professional, passionate about his work and designs. He understood fully what we needed and we clicked at the very first meeting! I, like most brides thought the more change of gowns the merrier but he brought me back to reality that I did not need to have that many gowns (which might stress me out through the numerous changes) but would still be able to achieve the great bridal experience. Jit gave very good suggestions which helped us in decision making. In fact, even my hubby was won over right from the start; it made us decide that he was going to be the one to take care of all our bridal needs. His recommendation of the make-up artist (Ivy) and photographer (Skyy) was also excellent. For sure we will recommend Silverlining Bridal Couture for its good understanding in clients' needs and professionalism.


Belinda Suttor

I would highly recommend JIt and Silverlining. I was struggling to find a wedding dress that I liked and was about to get it made from scratch when I tried on one of his dresses. It was close to what I had in mind and he was happy to make the dress from scratch the way I wanted it. He was always helpful and made recommendations on style and cut that were suitable for my shape. Even after I tried my version of the dress on he was happy to make any changes I wanted until I completely loved it. In the end I had a beautiful vintage style dress which was exactly what I had in mind. It was also lots of fun working with Jit and I loved wearing my dress on the day.


Qsj Tata

A friend introduced us to Silverlining when we told her we had a theme for our wedding and we had no clue how or where we were gonna get the right gown. So we met Jit. We went to him with a blank piece of paper & mere decriptions of how we dreamed the wedding would be like. "Our theme - Gatsby" we told him. One piece to last me thru the entire wedding affair. Something elegantly simple for the day affairs yet transformable to a glamorous vava-voom at night. We thot it wouldn't be possible and he might have laughed at our ridiculous idea. He didn't. Within mins, he came out w a sketch and confidently assured us it will be done. Time & time again, we were hesitant and insecure tho, well especially me da bride. It was afterall a theme difficult to pull off. My greatest fear was either ending up looking "omg too much" or "umm. too little". Jit was always patient and assuring with us. To cut the long story short, we are simply amazed and beyond satisfied with what Jit managed to do for us. Jit did not just tailored us a gown, he tailored us the entire Gatsby look. It was a holistic package - from head gear, to jewelleries, make up & hair to the exquisite transformable gatsby gown. We got our dream wedding and I am confident to say no one else could have done it better than Jit.