Ambrose & Fransisca

Ambrose and Fransisca initially suggested to shoot at Bishan Park as it was close to their house. However, it was the monsoon season in Singapore and the weather forecast for the week seemed to be leaning towards heavy downpours on most of the days. We suggested to the couple that they might want to have their photoshoot in their new apartment instead. They were concerned about the limited space available for us to do the shoot but we assured them that we could definitely work around with what we have. With their support, we came up with several compositions ad ideas to shoot at different parts of their lovely apartment.

We especially liked the fact that they were still in the midst of moving in. Hence, there were unpacked boxes here and there, but also completed areas such as their kitchen. It felt so natural to do the shoot, to show them as a couple moving into their new home, a nest they can call their own.


Actual Day: $4,000/ Pre-Wed: $2,000

Location Location: Singapore

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