Jeremiah & Wendy

Jeremiah (also known as Awkward Ah Seng) and Wendy first came to us with ideas for their engagement shoot: some weird, some quirky but definitely plenty of fun. That pretty much sums up how they are like as a couple.

Among some of the ideas that were being tossed around was Zombie Apocalypse, Wong Kar-wai's In The Mood for Love (2000). Wong Kar Wai's critically acclaimed film had hit home; we adored Christopher Doyle's (Cinematographer) work and the couple's church solemnization happened to fit the theme like a glove. We were conscious to thread carefully and not get too ahead of ourselves, if wrongly executed, the results could have been disastrous (read: tacky). This was no ordinary shoot.

In the planning stages, we scouted a few locations and came up with different mood boards portraying the looks that were suitable for this shoot. Heck, we even roped in a gaffer to help us with the on-set lighting. The end results blew us away, it is perhaps fitting that the photos are a departure from our usual processed style; beauty is in imperfection itself.


Pre-Wed: SGD2,000 / Actual: SGD4,000

Location: Singapore, Kam Leng Hotel

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