Julian & Eileen

Julian first laid his eyes on her since Eileen joined the Clinical Laboratory in KK Hospital. And that was about 5 years ago. What Eileen admires most about Julian is that he constantly cooks for her and her family. Not only that, Eileen's family has already taken Julian as if he is their own son. And now, it has become a reality.

During the wee hours of the morning, Eileen already had her makeup done while her bridesmaids are busy preparing the "breakfast" for the groom and his groomsmen. When it came down to it, the groomsmen were pretty spontaneous and also predicted that there was bound to be a dance involving the latest online video sensation PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen), hence, they came prepared with sunglasses just for that.

Though their schedule was tight and hectic, everything seemed to fall into place and they had a beautiful luncheon at the Sheraton Towers Singapore.


Pre-Wed: SGD2,000 / Actual: SGD4,000

Location: Singapore, Sheraton Towers Singapore

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