Melvin & Ivy

When we first met with Melvin and Ivy, they shared with us briefly on how they've started dating, albeit with a hint of reluctance. They were convinced that their story wasn't eventful or 'interesting' enough but that is not true, at least for us. Melvin is a guy who was sensitive to Ivy's needs and he really came through for her when she met with an accident just a few days before the wedding. It was a timely reminder of how important they are to each other.

At 50nFifty, we are far less about the wedding details and we would like to remove the paradigm that everything needs to be filmed on the wedding day.

The storytelling process starts with the people. Who they are, what they are about, and what makes them different deserves as much attention as the actual wedding events.


Actual: SGD5,000 / Pre-wed: SGD7,000

Location: Singapore, The Pan Pacific Singapore

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