Brandon & Debbie

It was the start of the new year - 2016 and an eventful day for Brandon and Debbie's wedding.

Rain started pouring before the start of the gatecrash but it did not dampen the mood and atmosphere of the wedding. Friends of Brandon and Debbie were enthusiastic and spontaneous to hype up their wedding. There were laughter, joy and the blessing performance of the lion dance. Eventually, their day turned out as planned as the rain stopped in time, and allow us to have a few moments to complete the outdoor shoot. 

We were blessed to have this wonderful couple who treated us like one of their close friends, even their relatives were mistaken and thought we were close friends of theirs. 

Thank you, Brandon and Debbie, for choosing to trust us on your wedding and we hope both of you will treasure this video like how you cherish and appreciate each other, as it's not easy to find a soulmate that has the same frequency, click so well together, and be there for you whenever you need. 

A new chapter of life, a new beginning and a continuous joy of love, and always remember to "Love Me Like You Do".


Actual: SGD2,588 / Pre-wed: SGD2,000

Location: Singapore, Marina Mandarin Singapore

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My wife and I would like to thank Desmond and Sky from the aferriswheel studio for capturing all the beautiful and significant moments of our wedding. We can't remember how many times it touches our heart whenever we view the footage.They were patient and showed pure professionalism by accommodating all of our request. Exceeds our expectation!