Gabriel & Cheryl

Having met in Hong Kong, it was fitting that Gabriel and Cheryl returned to have their engagement shoot there. A city they were well acquainted with, Gabriel and Cheryl hosted us right from the beginning - bringing us to their favourite "Dai Pai Dongs" and the bar where they first met. And when it came to natural landscapes, we returned the favour - climbing mountains and crossing rivers to find the perfect backdrop for their engagement shoot. Despite the cold and freezing winds, Gabriel and Cheryl were all smiles. They gave back a lot of energy - and Cheryl, with her infectious laughter, made everything good fun. Exuding warmth that extends to those around her, she drew us in naturally.


Pre-wed: SGD1,300 / Actual: SGD2,200 / Overseas: SGD2,200

Location: Hong Kong, Tai Mo Shan

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