Diana & Damien

Diana worked as a flight attendant for Singapore Airlines. Damien was one of the passengers she attended to during one of her flights to Bangkok. Damien was charmed by her and at the end of the flight he left a note for Diana, saying he regretted not asking her number. He provided his contact number and asked her out on a date. Diana responded and the rest is history.

Diana is Chinese Indonesian and Damien is Australian of Greek descent. Their wedding at a gorgeous cliff-top resort was full of harmonious mixture of the two different cultures. Chinese style gate-crash and tea ceremony were included in the beginning, followed by a Greek style holy matrimony. The wedding reception was looking magnificent with stunning decorations. Both Diana and Damien looked glamorous when making bridal entrance accompanied by traditional Balinese dancers. The night went smoothly, the party ended in a fun Greek-style group dance. It was nothing but a lovely and rich celebration uniting different people from different cultures in one wonderful night.


6 Hr: USD1,200 / 8 Hr: USD1,600

Location: Bali, Indonesia

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