Selvia & Arthur

Nothing can bring you a better mood than a good ol' intimate forest wedding, like seriously. Especially a humble one like the wedding of Arthur & Selvia at Gunung Pancar Bogor. Everything about it just looked and felt so good. The moment we stepped into the forest, the fresh air welcomed us, stripping off whatever the stress we had away. The sound of chirping birds and rustling pine trees alongside with music from a band, playing beautifully as the background of people's chatter and laughter during the cocktail hour.

As it was getting darker, the warm lights illuminated and elevated the whole dreamy ambience. The presence of food trucks stole some attention and it showed how much Selvia & Arthur wanted their wedding to be really casual and fun. The genuine smiles and merriment from all of us filled up the place. It's all about having a good time after all. For the fairytale ending, we all lit up some sparklers accompanying the wedding couple's first dance. After that, the music got louder, drinks got stronger, the party got harder as the night deepen. The rainfall afterwards officially ending the night telling us to rest with cheerful hearts.


6 Hr: USD1,200 / 8 Hr: USD1,600

Location: Bali, Indonesia

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