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Established in 1992. Step into Lavie, step out in style.

Lavie Bridal Couture is a one stop bridal boutique - hassle free for you. Designer gowns with signature low back, sensual, elegant, intricate and elaborate detailing that highlight your best features and flatter your body shape.


OTR: From $880/ MTM: From $1,280

Location: Central

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Shirleen Cho

We were served by Jeff and Lewis. We chose la vie as they were not pressurizing in terms of making us come to our decision. They offer flexible options to what we want instead of the standard package that others offer . Jeff is patient and attentive in listening to what we would like to have regardless of the gown design or other areas of concerns. He shares his experience and advises accordingly. We did not intend to have pre wedding shoot but Jeff understands that we do not want to waste the trial makeup so he arranged Lewis to help us take some photos and let us try one evening gown for photo taking as well. Lewis gave demo to how to pose for the photos and the photos he took for us were natural and to our liking. He is very experience how to make use of simple space and natural lighting. We would recommend their heart warming service to kind and nice couples who are looking for quality over quantity . Their service and sincerity is indeed a plus point over others .



My fiancée is the one who brought me to LaVie Bridal. I am not sure how will the wedding process be and whether there will be hard-selling involve. Jeff and Lewis are very helpful by sharing their past experiences to us when we were trying to clear our doubts. They are also very patient in their explanation for wedding planning and what we will be expecting for our wedding package. I am very satisfied with the suit that Jeff selected for me. To be frank, I never imagine that I could take up that metallic color but it does compliment my appearance. I would recommend LaVie Bridal to my friends because of their broad selection of bridal gowns and suits, with immaculate service.



I am always inspired by Jeff Ong's bridal gown designs. He is very creative in putting pieces of laces, batik and colors onto a perfect gown. I have full confidence that he will bring out the best me from his intricate composition of gowns. The cheerful feel of my ROM dress matches very well with my skin tone and personality. I am looking forward to having my pre-wedding photoshoot by LaVie's veteran photographer, Lewis Eng.