Wei Lun & Julyn

Highlights of Wei Lun and Julyn's pre-wedding shoot in Langkawi, Malaysia.


Pre-wed: SGD1,988 / Actual: SGD2,088 / Overseas: SGD2,500 / Gowns: fr SGD600

Location: Malaysia, Langkawi

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Charlotte Seet

Engaged love story for my local pws, ad gowns and accessories (car decor, bouquet, corsages). For my local pws, we had their main pg called Lim. He was very professional and would be able to guide couples on poses and venues to take your outdoor shoot if you need suggestions. As I already had an overseas pws done, I wanted to have more options for indoor setting instead and their studio was really splendid in that aspect. There were a lot of different backgrounds and props available to create a different look. They would also try their best to listen to what we want and create a similar effect to our requests. The pws photos turned out very pretty and we had a hard time choosing. Do note that the photo department sales will try to get you to buy more, stay firm as they can become abit pushy if you don’t intend to spend past your Budget. Gowns wise love story has many princess gowns. They also have more and more options of mermaid gowns in their recent collections which are really pretty. No issues finding suitable dresses for my pws. For my ad, I did a customised dress and was really happy with their designer. He was able to understand my requirements and make the dress I wanted to my expectations. He was also very keen to recommend and give his suggestions and would also listen to your requests. Was really glad that the gown turned out very beautiful.