Bali Pre-Wedding: Kami & Clevin

Our beautiful Hong Kong couple Kami and Clevin went with the scenic tropical backdrops of Bali for their pre-wedding photoshoot. Co-workers turned lovers, the couple are a pilot and air stewardess who have found love in the sky! Their shoot started at sunrise on Mount Batur, with the breathtaking mountainscape spread out under a layer of soft warm glow. They then wandered amidst the marigold fields for a light-hearted casual shoot, with wide blissful smiles on their faces. They also took some shots in the peaceful forest before heading down to a rocky beach for the most dreamy golden hour shoot. 

Photos Taken at: Bali, Indonesia; Mount Batur, Marigold Fields


Pre-wed: SGD2,899 / Actual: SGD3,999


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